Windvane — KuCoin’s NFT marketplace. Windvane is Launching Genesis NFTs as proof of partnership now.

BTS Labs held an AMA with Windvane on August 30th. The theme of this AMA is “Windvane — KuCoin’s NFT marketplace. Windvane is Launching Genesis NFTs as proof of partnership now”. The guest we had were Ryan, the Chief Operating Officer of Windvane. He introduced that Windvane is the official NFT marketplace of KuCoin. Windvane launched our Genesis NFTs as the partnership proof of our platform.


BTS Labs: Now Genesis NFT is about to start its 3rd round of sales. Could you please introduce the Windvane platform to us first since there must be some community memebers who are not familiar with Windvane?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): Of course! As you have already known, Windvane is the official NFT marketplace of KuCoin.

Compared with other NFT Marketplace, Windvane have 4 unique advantages:

1. EVarious types of high-quality projects

There is always a project you are optimistic about, on this platform that brings together various types of high-quality projects.

2. Extremely low fee

The NFT platform guarantees the minimum cost, allowing you to realize various NFT trading options.

3. Priority whitelist

Participate in the whole process of each preferred project and lock the whitelist qualifications in advance.

4. The strong security

A decentralized NFT Marketplace, low entry barrier with high level security.

To stay competitive, Windvane will always focus on user needs to do product iteration and functional innovation, focusing on the core problems that have not been solved in the current market, including: few high-quality projects, high entry barrier, high fees, hard to find out blue-chip projects and so on.

You can get an overview of Windvane through this picture:


BTS Labs: What is the relationship between Genesis NFT and the platform? Is it a Pass card for the platform?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): In my opinion, Genesis NFT is not only a Pass card, but also a share certificate for the initial partners of the platform. We give Genesis NFT continuous value by binding platform revenue to it.

First of all, you can share service fee income of the platform within two years. Windvane’s own secondary market for NFTs will go live next month.We can’t tell the exact benefit at this time. When looking at other platform such as opensea or looksrare, this part of the income will be very substantial. NFT holders will be able to reap huge rewards.

Secondly, we will also release our genesis token for you. This part is very straightforward. Look at the token chart of looksrare. If you are an early holder, you have already received 100X return. And Genesis NFT holders will get the tokens for free!

In addition, we have many other benefits, including:

1)whitelists airdrops

2)priority to get free NFTs from Windvane’s partners

3)Exclusive Discord channel, etc.

4)If you invite friend amount rank within 100,you can get another free genesis NFT,it means double income.


BTS Labs: In what form is the NFT sold this time? How many NFT will be released?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): 2200 mystery boxes will be released this time. And this will be the last round of sales. Which is the last chance to get our NFT from the primary market with best price.

There are three types of NFT mystery boxes: SSR, SR, and Normal. They grant holders with different levels of benefits, such as token airdrops, service fee reductions, service fee dividends, and voting rights.

It is worth mentioning that SSR will enjoy more benefits than the other two types of NFTs.

We purposely put most of the SSRs in the mystery boxes for the third round of sales.

If you are a user who has already purchased the first or second round of NFT, you can also participate in the third round of purchase, which can increase the probability of winning SSR!


BTS Labs: Sounds attractive! So how do users get the qualifications to mint?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): Users can directly land on the page and finish 3 steps:

Step1 connect your wallet to the website

Step2 Input our official invite code- YcSoIT

Step3 Get your own invite code and invite 1 friend to connect their wallet.

Then you can get WL of this NFT.


BTS Labs: Great! Can you tell us the exact time and price of the launch?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): In order to ensure the smooth progress of the launch, we initially scheduled the launch time in mid-September, so everyone has enough time to get the whitelist.

We will announce the specific date through official channels.

The sale price of the third round will be close to the second round. The price of the second round is 0.091eth, and there may be a small adjustment in the third round, and we will announce it together at that time.


BTS Labs: Are there any promotions for the third round of sales, can you let us know in advance?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): Certainly! We have designed very attractive discounts for all Genesis NFT holders and new users.

1) 50% off for users who already hold a Genesis NFT

2) For every 100 friends invited, the price will be reduced by 10%, and the maximum reduction will be 20%

3) For the first 300 NFT purchasers, 30 free tickets will be drawn

4) Invite 1 friend to complete the purchase: both people enjoy 20% off at the same time​

Recently, we are launching Windvane’s free NFT season with our partners to give benefits to all users. I hope you can join us and share free NFTs together!

These are our official links, I believe you will be glad that you haven’t missed too much after joining us:



Twitter: @kucoinwindvane

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: During this Bear Market a lot of projects have had to put some releases on hold in hopes of a better market condition upon release. So this is considered the time to #BUIDL can you provide some important aspects & accomplishments Windvane has faced during this time. Also the question everyone wants to know when can we expect Round 3 of Genesis NFT

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): The platform of Windvane itself was born,In fact, when the bull market was about to end.We launched the project at the end of April.

However, Windvane’s Genesis NFT still successfully completed the first and second rounds of sales under such conditions.

The first round of 300 NFTs and the second round of 1500 NFTs were all sold out with the support of our community.

This is mainly due to two factors,including:

1) Backed by the powerful resources of KuCoin, including excellent cooperative project resources, excellent community resources, and excellent market resources, etc.

2) Winevane’s Genesis NFT is unique in product design.Users of the first and second rounds of Genesis NFT can share the follow-up sales revenue of the project.Although the holders of the third round cannot share the sales revenue, they can obtain the SSR-level NFT with the greatest probability.SSR can enjoy the highest level of rights and interests of the future platform. Including various free NFT benefits, platform tokens, etc.,


BTS Labs Community: Most NFT Platform today are copy paste as a result have no clear path to development. can you give us an in-depth overview and analyze all your vision and mission be it innovative solutions you are bringing or what you are doing better than others?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): Indeed, as the user said, most NFT platforms are copy-paste and have nothing unique.Therefore, at the beginning of Windvane’s establishment, we chose a completely different way of developing the NFT market from other centralized exchanges​​​​, abandoned the advantages of centralization, and chose an on-chain NFT market that is more equal, open and transparent with the spirit of the Web3.0 era.

There are several major features in the overall planning and design of Windvane, which we will see in the very near future:

1)One-stop transaction aggregation: a unified liquidity platform that aggregates transactions and information from multiple NFT platforms, acts as an entry point for NFT transactions, provides users with one-stop price comparison, batch transaction consolidation services, and supports simultaneous use of multiple coins to trade. At the same time, the aggregator reduces interaction costs by optimizing smart contracts.

2)NFT transaction tool support: provide sweeping tools, combined with NFT data analysis to help users save transaction costs and transaction complexity


BTS Labs Community: I’m Japanese, I support the natches ovo NFT project, and I own an NFT. How much do KUCOINWINDVANE expect from the ovo project? Also, do you have any plans to offer special benefits to OVO NFT holders in the future?

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): OVO is an important partner of our platform distribution. Under the current bear market environment, it is difficult to say what our expectations are for OVO. We have been working hard to help OVO gain more attention through KuCoin’s resources, and we have also received a lot of good responses.

It is worth mentioning that Windvane’s Genesis NFT and OVO issued a collection of co-brand NFT. Users who purchase this NFT will automatically have a whitelist for the third round of Genesis NFTs. If you happen to be lucky enough to get a co-brand NFT, I believe you will not regret having a Windvane Genesis NFT at the same time, become our partner, and enjoy future platform rights.


BTS Labs Community: What is the total trading volume now in windwane ?which is the top trade Nft collection

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): Since we are currently only opening the primary market to the market, I think the current trading volume is not worth mentioning. Soon after our secondary market goes live in mid-to-late September, I think we will have the meaning of counting transaction volume.


BTS Labs Community: How will you compete with the leading nft marketplaces such as opensea and binance nft.

Ryan(Chief Operating Officer): This is a good question, and it is also a key question that every NFT Market will need to constantly think about. I think, in the face of centralized and decentralized competitors, we have the following advantages:

1) Help users find the best liquidity through transaction aggregation: such as the Defi aggregator 1inch, the value of the aggregator to NFT is greater than that of FT, the liquidity of FT is relatively concentrated, while NFT is a non-standard asset, and the market is more fragmented; The information and transaction functions of NFT will be aggregated to reduce the cost of user transactions and the time required for transactions.

2) Centralized and decentralized NFT ecology: At present, various NFTs will develop their own games, social networking and various platforms, and will also issue their own tokens. At present, KuCoin has a layout in both centralized and decentralized ecological construction. In the future, various NFTs will be able to build complete NFT application scenarios on top of KuCoin’s own ecosystem to maximize the value of NFTs

3) Traditionally, securitization is a long-term practice in the financial field, and there are still few outstanding cases of NFT securitization. Windvane is also actively exploring a completely different path from other NFT markets to achieve differentiated business competition.







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