Web3Games — an integrated platform for All Things Blockchain Gaming

BTS Labs held an AMA with Web3Games on Mar 15th. The theme of this AMA is “Web3Games — an integrated platform for All Things Blockchain Gaming”. The guest we had were Sophie — Chief Coffee Officer, Janet — Marketing Manager of Web3Games. They introduced Web3Games project to us which can help game game developers integrate with blockchain, make gaming assets decentralized and permissions as well as bring back the digital ownership of in-game items to players.


BTS Labs: Could you introduce Web3Games for us and what is the goal of this project?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer): Web3Games is an integrated platform for playing, creating and all things blockchain games.🎮 By bridging blockchain technology, NFTs, and DeFi with virtual gaming, Web3Games offers an ecosystem where players and developers can take ownership of their gameplay.

We have 4 core products: Portal, Protocol, Studios and Chain.

🌟 Our goal or rather vision is to bring back the digital ownership of in-game items to players!


BTS Labs: Being a gaming platform, what games do you have? What incentives are available to players when participating in the ecosystem?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer): Web3Games Studios is going to launch more than 6+ games separately in 2022. And all of these games have different genres, each game has unique gameplay to suit different players. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest news.

Before I talk about benefits in games. I’d like to stress that Web3Games provides a blockchain gaming PLATFORM rather than providing blockchain games exclusively.

To ensure benefits, players will obtain assets of varying value. But we also set a reward mechanism so that players can receive rewards with monetary value through playing. For each game, there will be a prize pool that periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) rewards players based on their ranking. Each game will raise its prize pool funds and distribute governance rights to the community through IGO, and this prize pool will also be supported by the Web3Games ecosystem.


BTS Labs: Do you have your own NFTs? What are they and how can we get them?

Web3Games-Janet(Marketing Manager): YES! We have launched CryptoEmpire Card NFT and our Community NFT– CH1P

CryptoEmpire Cards are in-game items in the CryptoEmpire Series games (CryptoEmpire: Origins & CryptoEmpire: Token War)

Here’s the pic of our CH1Ps~

Community CH1P is a special NFT launched by Web3Games for community members participating in various events inside its ecosystem.

CH1Ps are designed to reward and give benefits to our community members. The owners with the most complete sets of Web3Games CH1Ps will be automatically whitelisted for future IGOs (initial game offering). You can access/claim CH1Ps on Web3Games portal.

Events to obtain Web3Games CH1Ps are regularly held across the community, you can get the latest news by joining the community now!

🌐 Socials

💬 Telegram | 📣 News | 🐦 Twitter | 👾 Discord | 🌏 Website |📚 Medium

We have also launched a few OAT NFTs on Project Galaxy, one of which you are able to claim TODAY right after this AMA~😁


BTS Labs: What is your token and the tokenomic?

Web3Games-Janet(Marketing Manager): Web3Games token($W3G) is our governance token, with which you can:

🎮 Stake and Pay for Game Tokens & NFTs

🎟️ Earn IGO/ INO Tickets

🏦 Stake for Protocol Integration

⛽️ Pay for the Gas fee on our Chain

🗳️ Propose & Vote

Let me share a picture of our Token Distribution:

Players who stake their tokens will gain more benefits from Web3Games to enjoy our wonderful games. For developers, they need to stake W3G for high usage integration with our API-as-a-service protocol.


BTS Labs: Can we hear about the collaborative projects or plans you are thinking about in the future?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer): We have recently announced our investor list and we will do our IDO on DAO Maker, the top-tier launchpad. As we are moving closer to IDO, we have been focused on expanding our community, building partnerships, and boosting marketing.

Web3Games started to hold regular weekly AMA since then. We have partnered up with KingdomX and hosted an AMA on Discord last week. And we’ve connected with several more wonderful projects, such as Project Galaxy, KudasaiJP, and more.

So make sure to follow us on all social media- Twitter, Telegram, Discord, so you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming campaigns!

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: To drive existing web3 users to switch from connect wallet login to player ID login, and to make this mode a mass adoption in the context of crypto, what do you think is the biggest hurdle in this process?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer): That’s a really good question! Web3Games Player DID is a crucial part of our Portal. It acts as players’ blockchain profiles and users can create and login their Player ID via emails, which provides a solution of easy and safe access to on-chain assets. The biggest hurdle now is the adoption process since most of the users are more used to/forced to use private keys to login different devices.


BTS Labs Community: What is the challenge to create Gaming Ecosystem, and why you have the confidence that you can make Web3Games success?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer): Aside from the point that I just answered to the last question,one of the other challenges in creating a gaming ecosystem is information vacancy for gamers. In most P2E games, players are required to buy NFT assets before joining the games. The current lack of information on NFTs and legit games, however, can lead to a reluctance to invest from gamers. And Web3Games’ PlayerID+Database is created to be such a platform where users can find detailed and reliable information on new and trending blockchain projects.


BTS Labs Community: What do you think is needed for the project to be used by many people?

Web3Games-Sophie(Chief Coffee Officer):Web3Games is building a community-driven ecosystem, which means a strong creative loyal community is essential. That is why we have built a blockchain gaming Database on our portal! Database is where users can submit game/NFT projects whenever they discover new blockchain projects and where they can share, rate, and socialize. All kinds of contributions will be rewarded with our community NFTs and many more benefits!


BTS Labs Community: Will you release the IDO platform yourself in the future?

Web3Games-Janet(Marketing Manager): Yes. Web3Games will have its own Launchpad in the future! We hope to build a developer-friendly community for blockchain gaming. For game developers as well as traditional gaming companies who are interested in entering blockchain gaming, Web3Games provides the technology to help them to integrate with blockchain.


BTS Labs Community: Can you tell us more about the new campaigns or events in the near future?

Web3Games-Janet(Marketing Manager): As I mentioned before, Web3Games is holding weekly AMAs which gives our community and supporters lots of opportunities to participate and win some NFTs. This week, we are having a community AMA on Discord, which we will be talking more about our portal– PlayerID and showing you how to use it. Make sure you join Discord and party with us~

It’s an great cooperation with Web3Games. We’ll have more AMA sessions in BTS community in the upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned for our activities follow us:

🔗Website: http://www.bts.global

🔗Twitter: https://twitter.com/btslabs_global

🔗TG: https://t.me/officialbtslabs



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