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BTS Labs held an AMA with Astra Nova on February 20th. The theme of this AMA is “Talaxeum — Green Project Launcher”. The guest we had was Bambang Budi Tresno, Founder of Talaxeum. He introduced that Talaxeum aims to “connect” physically existing green businesses with people who are interested in offsetting their carbon footprints through blockchain technology.


BTS Labs: Before we start this AMA can you briefly share what is Talaxeum and can BTS tell to audience why join to talaxeum ? since BTS is the first strategic partner and become their backers

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): For a brief introduction Talaxeum is a Green Project Launcher blockchain based platform specializing in supporting green projects for energy efficient and net- zero carbon emission.

Talaxeum aims to “connect” physically existing green businesses with people who are interested in offsetting their carbon footprints through blockchain technology. Talaxeum brings the concept of Green Utility NFT where we combine artistic values with actual usage to aid environmental and sustainability efforts. Talaxeum utilizes the traceability and smart contract built in NFTs to create prudent and transparent green projects.

Talaxeum’s supports green real business companies in pursuit of net zero carbon by launching businesses that are supported by masses and distribute rewards to their supporters. Each project will be screened and verified by Talaxeum’s team and Independent Reviewer for project feasibility, security and authenticity. Talaxeum adapts the DAO mechanism in selecting green projects to launch on the platform to create an ecosystem that is democratic and decentralized.


BTS Labs: Can you mention to audience, what are activities that you already done since runing this project, until upcoming activity plan

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): This is some list activity that Talaxeum do from beginning until now, whats the activity that we doing this time and for the next plan

Completed Milestone:

1) Audit with CertiK, progress https://www.certik.com/projects/talaxeum

2) IT Partnership with emveep

3) Marketing and social media engagement activity such as

- Do Airdrop Challenge with total rewards $26.500

- Doing AMA and live with several crypto media: Binance Live, Cryptoiz Research,

- Join several big crypto event such as ; Coinfest, Global Investor Night, Indonesia Trade Expo with Favourse, etc

- Promotion with community and partner : Cryptoiz Reseacrh, Favourse, BSCNews

4) Strategic Partnership as Backers with :

BTS labs and Gotbit

5) Dealing with several advisor:

Ian Scarffe,

Ian is a key opinion leader and Top global influencer in Blockchain and fintech. Top ranked member of global list-people of blockchain. Number 1 Ranked top blockchain advisor. Already worked with 125 blockchain project and was able to raised more than $625 million for his client .

Timo Trippler,

CEO of Fundraise Capital FCAS UG based in Germany and the CEO of ADAX.pro. Expert in financial markets and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. Timo has been working in the blockchain field since 2016. Already worked with 97 blockchain projects and was able to raise more than $100 million for his clients.

Agus Artemiss

Agus Artemiss as a crypto enthusiast since 2014 and as the founder of Cryptoiz Research has helped more than 100 crypto projects enter the Indonesian market and gathered 700,000 crypto communities throughout Indonesia and has become an influential person in Asia in the crypto sector.

and soon to be announced

6) TALAX Token Seed Sale Stage Complete (sold out)

7) Talaxeum Ecosystem:

- Running Testnet Talaxeum Staking Platform

- IT Development Talaxeum Green Project Launcher in progress

Progress Development:

1. TALAX Token Private Sale Stage on going

2. Preparing for finalizing Talaxeum Staking platform

3. Preparing for test net ‘Talaxeum Green Project Launcher Platform’

4. on progress for new dealing with new advisor (to be announced)

5. Building Larger Community and VC on several region around the world

6. Collaborating with several KOL, has been selected 10 KOL

7. Collaboration with several community and will do AMA with them

8. Ground Breaking NFT Art Center Building

9. Preparing green commercial project to join Talaxeum ecosystem

Upcoming Activity:

1. TALAX IDO in several launchpad

2. ‘Talaxeum Green Project Launcher’ Platform Test Net

3. TALAX token generation event (TGE)

4. TALAX listing on several DEX and CEX

5. Launching ‘Talaxeum Green Project Launcher’ platform

6. grand opening NFT Art Center

7. Green commercial, non commercial and start up project start launch and running in Talaxeum Ecosystem


BTS Labs: Can you tell us why talaxeum is the right solution for enviromental issue that we face right now? And why the community should consider to join and buy token for your project?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): Talaxeum is indeed not the only solution in environmental issues. However, Talaxeum was created so that everyone can easily participate in efforts to prevent climate change. Talaxeum is a platform to bring together communities to fight climate change but also benefit from it.

Talaxeum ecosystem combines four communities: green community, art community, crypto community and business community. Therefore Talaxeum becomes a relevant platform in fighting environmental issues together.

“Talaxeum connecting real business through blockchain technology to fight climate change”

don’t forget that we launched and supported ‘real’ businesses that would like to shift or expand their business to green so the effort is real too. By using blockchain technology, we want everyone to be able to participate without limits.

Climate change is real, we as individuals and as a community should participate in the process of fighting climate change for the future of our children and grandchildren and future generations.

By joining Talaxeum as a token holder and as a green NFT holder, it means that you have become a part of the climate change warrior and have the opportunity to get rewards from the green projects that you have supported.


BTS Labs: Everyone is worried about to join in new project or token sale because lot project dump after list, how you can make sure to people not worry about this?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): TALAX token has been audited by Certik and has a vesting schedule for the distribution of its tokens, which we know is to prevent unwanted things from happening.

From the evaluation we saw that many token use cases did not work after the token existed, we avoided this by quickly activating the TALAX token use case for staking, and creating the ‘Green Project Launcher Platform ‘to carry out its functions. When the TGE, the token use case has been effective running in Talaxeum ecosystem. With this planning, we are optimistic that TALAX will have functions and values that can be maintained.

This is TALAX token use case:

1. Staking

2. DAO

3. Rewards

4. Currency : Buying NFT for supporting Green Project, Transaction on Talaxeum Art Center etc


BTS Labs: For listing in big exchange such as binance , there is a complex rules and maybe huge fee, what strategy Talaxeum to attract big cex interested to Talaxeum and Community

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): The parameters of a project can be a big CEX attraction because of the large community that supports the project and its Token use case. The following is the strategy carried out by Talaxeum to enlarge and strengthen Communities and speed up its token use case running.

1. The use of tokens on the platform is direct at the launch of the platform and is targeted simultaneously during TGE

2. The platform runs directly and can accommodate the needs of 4 communities that are the main part of creating an ecosystem in Talaxeum

3. By building the current Talaxeum crypto ecosystem so that both the number and distribution of the Talaxeum community can be spread throughout the world

4. Blockchain certification maintains a level of security as well as maintains the entire schedule. Vesting schedule is our commitment.

5. Construction of NFT art Center to develop and accommodate all activities related to Green NFT Talaxeum, where in transactions must use Talaxeum tokens.

This whole thing is expected to be a big CEX attraction to Talaxeum

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: What are the main tasks you plan to implement in 2023?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): The Main Task that we are going to implement in 2023 are:

- Completing TALAX Private Sale Stage

- Doing the IDO for TALAX Token in several launchpad

- Do the test net in Talaxeum Green Project Launcher platform

- Building NFT Art Center

- Finalize and Launch ‘Talaxeum Green Project Launcher’ platform

- Building Larger Community and VC on several region around the world

- Dealing and preparing for new Advisor joining Talaxeum (soon to be announced)

- TALAX TGE in May 15th, 2023 (listing in DEX & CEX)

- We make our staking platform ready so it will be active on TGE

- Green commercial, non commercial and start up project start for launch and running in Talaxeum Ecosystem


BTS Labs Community: How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contracts? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smare contract and hacking?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): Our smart contract is being audited by CertiK, one of the best security auditor. On the application side we’re following security best practices and OWASP


BTS Labs Community: what guarantees that talaxeum can provide an APY profit of up to above 8% for staker holders?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): Talaxeum tokenomics have allocation 10% from total TALAX for staking rewards, and it will be enough for more than 45 years, but offcourse we didn’t just take the staking reward from the allocation,

Talaxeum have a revenue streams as a source that one of it used for staking rewards

Talaxeum Revenue Streams:

1. Green Project Incubator:

TALAX used from DAO Project Launcher Pool will be returned twice (200%) as the initial support provided to Green Project incubator

2. Reward Buy Back

5% distribute to Talaxeum Platform

3. Green NFT

Primary Selling

- Green commercial project NFT 8%

- Green non-commercial project NFT 5%

Secondary selling 5%

4.Platform Fee Defi Transaction

0.5% for minimal fee $0,1 maximum fee $500

5. Talaxeum Art Center

from ticket sales and reward from it


BTS Labs Community: NFT is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. What is Your Green Project approach to the NFT sector other than fight Climate Change?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): NFTs have brought artist a whole new world of possibilities. Many creators can monetize their digital artwork, collectors can collect, buy, sale their digital collection and many more. NFT make art and decentralized and accessible to everyone but behind it the resulting of ecological impact is terrible. A monstrous amount of energy are used to validate every transaction in blockchain(mining) and a huge carbon emissions are released

As we know that in 1 single-edition of NFT have the ecological cost of tracking sales and bid on the blockchain?

The energy usage: 340kWh, emission:211KgCO2 that equivalent to:

- an EU residents electricity consumption for 1 month

-Flying for 2 hours -Driving 1 thousand Km (petrol)

- using laptop for 3 years -Boiling a kettle 4.5 thousand times

- Using computers for 10 month because of that

we need to reduce the impact right now by doing “On demand minting to reduce unnecessary waste of energy”.

in other word NFT are minted after supporter choose and buy the NFT Talaxeum Talaxeum Utility NFT is a growing market. In the future how valuable an NFT will be determined by how useful it is. A lot of use case of current NFT barely tap into the utility potential of NFTs.

The Next Generation of NFT

Talaxeum Green NFT is not ordinary NFT, Talaxeum collaborate with art creator to create NFT so it has art value in it, and it attached with Green project smartcontract so you can have chance to get reward periodically for green project that your supported.

Talaxeum maximize the blockchain ability to efficiently verify each transaction process by utilizing distributed ledger & smartcontract for automatic distribution, then combining them with works art in various form. So in conclusion that every form of NFT is the utility NFT


BTS Labs Community: Can you discuss the methods used by the Talaxeum project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate its carbon footprint?

Bambang Budi Tresno(Founder): The method used to reduce gas emissions and carbon footprint, Talaxeum performs in two stages:

1. Business must transform its activities with the aim of reducing gas emissions and to reduce carbon footprint

2. After optimal efforts to reduce gas emission and to reduce carbon footprint, the remaining balance of carbon footprint will be off set.

Business transformation can be done in various ways, for example by replacing the energy used with new and renewable energy. Using buildings for business premises that have the characteristics of green building. Its business development meets the criteria of reuse, refurbishment and recycle.

To offset the remaining carbon footprint can be done through planting trees or purchasing certified carbon.

For the NFT, “On demand minting to reduce unnecessary waste of energy.” In other word NFT are minted after supporter choose and buy the NFTs.

Launch real green project non commercial business to provide carbon inventory. All of these activities can be done through the Talaxeum platform and in the Talaxeum ecosystem.

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