Most Valuable Builder V (#MVB V) Overview

The fifth season of BNB Chain’s flagship accelerator program Most Valuable Builder V, titled “Uncharted Territory” has been announced to kick off in June 2022 and will conclude in August 2022. BNB Chain has promised an even better MVB program with exciting opportunities for teams and the applications are currently open to new and emerging projects to get a kickstart at success.

The goal of this season of MVB is to explore new opportunities and help projects navigate through the current volatile crypto landscape as a beacon of stability and innovation for those eager to build.

This season, BNB Chain has also announced a new partnership with Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance, which runs infrastructure impact funds with an initiative to incubate, invest in, and empower blockchain projects.

Focus Areas of MVB V

This season, BNB Chain is searching for projects that need acceleration and that drive innovation and progress within the BNB Chain ecosystem and the whole blockchain industry.

The focus is on finding projects with a unique market fit and a secure environment that delivers high-performing and efficient innovations to the ecosystem.

The key areas of interest in MVB V include:

  1. Infrastructure: middleware, cross-chain, security/risk control tools
  2. DeFi: advanced DeFi, portfolio management, stream pay
  3. GameFi: play to earn, game development tools
  4. SocialFi: fan engagement platforms, creator content tools
  5. Metaverse: virtual platforms, analytics & development tools

However, all kinds of innovators are encouraged to apply if they believe they’re building a unique product.

The MVB V Roadmap?

MVB V introduces a new roadmap system to the MVB program.

Phase 1: Project Registration & Recruitment (May 31st — June 24th)

● Program kickoff

● Online registration

● Project assessment

Phase 2: MVB Curriculum (July — August)

● Intensive coaching and workshops for 6–8 weeks

● Ecosystem support

Phase 3: BUIDL & Grow (August)

● Demo day

● Selective investment

● Post-event activities and related support

Benefits of MVB V?

The program offers multiple benefits to teams, including coaching, workshops, and investment opportunities from Binance Labs that will be offered to the best projects based on a careful reviewal process.

In coaching sessions, the focus will be on:

● Product design

● Node and infrastructure support

● Go-to-market strategy

● Fundraising

● Data tooling

● Business development

In addition to the benefits from previous MVB seasons, MVB V will offer successful applicants access to:

● Potential direct investment from Binance

● Alumni network

● Business development support

● Security support

● Industry exposure

MVB Alumni

This is the fifth season of the MVB program. Many projects have gained immense popularity, with some MVB winners dominating the global rankings in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Infrastructure & Tooling.

One of the biggest successes of MVB participants is being listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange, So far, MVB has raised 12 successful projects who made it to Binance. Apart from listings on, MVB participants also have benefited from various kinds of investments, including BNB Chain’s $1 Billion Growth Fund.

How to apply for MVB V?

The application process takes only a few minutes to complete. Applicants have to register via a simple form that gathers basic information about the project so BNB Chain’s team can understand what the project is building.

Click here to register for MVBV.

For more info about MVB, how it works, its benefits, and more, please refer to the BNB Chain community on Telegram or Discord & MVB Official Channel.

Furthermore, BTS Labs will constantly partner with BNB Chain ecosystem in the enpowerment of MVB V projects growth and development.

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