Most Valuable Builder IV (MVB IV) Overview

Since the commencement of MVB IV, titled “MetaFi — Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe.”, the program has been filled with impressive milestones and achievements. Packed with more incentives and exciting opportunities for projects who participate in the flagship BNB Chain accelerator program.

The MVB program was created to accelerate the most promising Dapps and builders in the BNB Chain ecosystem, and it has played an important role in driving innovation and progress within the BNB Chain ecosystem and the entire blockchain industry. Many participating projects have gained immense popularity, with some MVB winners dominating the global rankings in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Infrastructure & Tooling.

This season of the Most Valuable Builder program kicked off in January 2022 and will conclude in April 2022. The program has received 150+ applications up to date, from innovative DeFi applications, NFT & GameFi, tooling projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem ranging from new projects to top Dapps, competing to be a final top player in the MVB IV program.

MVB IV Focus

In this edition, BNB Chain is on the search for innovative and sustainable advanced DeFi lego & Infrastructure projects to empower the next generation of Defi 2.0, NFT & GameFi projects, as well as protocols that redefine the concept of finance altogether for everyday users in GameFi and NFT.

Some of the key categories focused on in MVB IV include:

  1. Web3 Infra
  2. Advanced DeFi Lego
  3. Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi

What is the MVB IV Roadmap?

The typical roadmap of MVB IV involves projects contesting through different phases:

Phase 1: Project Registration & Recruitment (January — April)

Phase 2: Monthly Star Selection (January — March)

Phase 3: Final Top Players Selection (April)

The program will use the MVB Monthly Star concept where the best-performing projects every month (January, February, March) will be selected. At the end of MVB IV (in April), the best of the best — MVB IV Top Players will be announced.

Highlights from MVB IV so far

Having received many applications from projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem, the program has shortlisted 30+ projects and has announced the Monthly Stars for January:

DeFi & Infrastructure

● Go+Security Engine

● Wombat exchange

● Zecrey

NFT, SocialFi, Games & Metaverse

● Metasset

● Solv protocol

Other major events from the MVB IV include:

● Received 150+ applications up to date, including advanced DeFi applications, NFT & GameFi, tooling, and more.

● Shortlisted 30+ projects for MVB Incubation Program

● Completed Masterclass: Unfolding Web3 Economy with Josh Neuroth, Head of Product at Ankr

● Completed Fireside Chat: Opsec 3.0: Bug Bounties for the Win! with Duncan, CTO at Immunefi

● Published the MVBIV Toolbox for detailed information and guidance

What are the benefits of MVB IV?

In an effort to elevate the program to the next level, all winning projects (both Monthly Stars and final Top Players) will receive an investment offer from the BSC $1 Billion Growth Fund! (subject to further and confirmatory diligence) to support projects in early-stage and bootstrap their growth. The program also offers unprecedented incentives & benefits to the best performing projects!

For Monthly Stars

● Direct Investment Offer

● Direct Investment offer from BSC Fund (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)

● Pre-Seed & Pre-Launch: $100K

● Seed/launched: $250K-$500K

● MVB Incubation Program

● Marketing & Community Support

● Security support from top auditing and security institutions

● Potential Opportunity towards Binance Labs Incubation Program

For Final Top Players (up to 3 Projects)

● Direct Investment Offer

● 2nd Round Investment Offer (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)

● 1st Place Prize: $1M (valuation subject to negotiation)

● 2nd Place Prize: $500K (valuation subject to negotiation)

● 3rd Place Prize: $200K (valuation subject to negotiation)

● Gas Incentives

● Marketing & Community Support (Global and Regional)

● Potential Listing on

● Systematic technical support for building innovative products

How to apply for MVB IV?

  1. Online Registration

The online registration to join the MVB IV program allows projects to apply in only a few minutes. The MVB IV team will review the online registrations on an ongoing basis, which means that projects can apply at any time during MVB IV.

● Step1: (Required) Please fill out the Application Form

● Step2: (Optional) Want to share more about your project? Send it to with the subject [MVB IV Application].

Register your contract through the BUIDL Reward Program for you to receive a monthly reward if you meet the requirements. This will also help the MVB IV team track your data performance.

2. BSC X DoraHacks MVB Collaboration

In addition to the online registration, the latest series of MVB comes with a new way to add more projects to MVB from various developer communities and events (e.g. hackathons). To learn how to apply with DoraHacks, read this guide.

For more info about MVB, how it works, its benefits, and more, please refer to MVBIV Toolbox or join the BSC community on Telegram or Discord & MVB Official Channel.

Stay tuned to BTS Labs Twitter | YouTube | Telegram to know more information.



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