Moon Nation — Gaming ecosystem with Bridge platform P2E, EduFi, NFT, Metaverse and its MMORPG

BTS Labs held an AMA with Moon Nation on May 24th. The theme of this AMA is “Moon Nation — Gaming ecosystem with Bridge platform P2E, EduFi, NFT, Metaverse and its MMORPG”. The guest we had was Ben Todar, the CEO of Moon Nation. He introduced that Moon Nation game is a 3D online multiplayer RPG originally made downloadable for PC. It is a survival and shooting game and is playable with a play2earn feature by winning in-game prize.


BTS Labs: First of all, could you introduce yourself and your team, please?

Ben Todar(CEO): I am Ben Todar, the CEO of Moon Nation. I am from London, and have graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science. Started trading in penny stocks, while accumulating crypto currency in its early days. Later I have passed to full crypto trading. In 2021, establishing Nation of Crypto, the trading group to share my insights and trades with more than 2000 people I decided to create Moon Nation Game (MNG); a gaming ecosystem with Bridge platform P2E, EduFi, NFT, Metaverse and its multiplayer Space Role-Playing Game.

Ajit Phatake is our Chief Technology Officer. He has been running a software company for the last 12 years. His experience and his masters degree from the University of Houston, Texas make him an ideal manager to understand the software world, design and apply the very different and advanced technology needed to create this project. This project consists of Game Design, 3D graphics, Smart Contract Programming, Web Development and Apps, it is Ajit’s job to create this complete solution.

Maxime Hacquard is our Head of Arts and Design. He is from France and he has a proven record as a great NFT/Metaverse artist and 3D motion designer.

Rabah, is our Operations Manager. He has also graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science and has 9 years of managerial experience in corporate operations.

Burak K. Our Community Manager is also in charge of all operations in Turkey. He has a degree in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. His 12 years of corporate experience as Supply Chain Operations manager in multinational production companies, corporate communication skills, I/T and regulations knowledge makes him stand out.

Chris Van, also known as CVI, has worked in the oil/gas industry as an operations supervisor for the last 15 years. His experience brings managerial experience to the team. Chris has a long history of stock trading in traditional stock markets worldwide. His knowledge of economy and commerce most definitely brings in positive traits. Being here from the ground up has proven successful in the journey of Moon Nation Game.


BTS Labs: Could you give us detailed information about the Moon Nation Game? What do V1 and V2 of the game mean?

Ben Todar(CEO): Moon Nation game is a 3D online multiplayer RPG originally made downloadable for PC. It is a survival and shooting game. But we adapted and made the game available for android and can now be played on android by downloading through our moon Nation bridge app which is available on playstore. It is playable with a play2earn feature by winning in-game prize. Development is ongoing and is constantly being updated with patches as features keep on getting added. As of now, crafting is being introduced where players collect loot to craft in game items and weapons. Vehicles in the form of space cars and spaceships are also available! This is the V1 version.

V2 version will be a massively revamped version of V1 and is targeted to be released at the end of 2022. With all the best features of V1 plus Lands and a mind blowing 3D effects with the help of Virtualistic Studio.


BTS Labs: Will Moon Nation Game do land sales? If so, what will be the benefits for landowners, what can investors expect for future income?

Ben Todar(CEO): Yes, we have been preparing land on the Moon for sales for a while. Establishments on their lands will create passive income for players of Moon Nation. Renting their land to a friend or to another player will also make them money as they sleep. There will be different tier lands according to their sizes and rarity.

Land sales will take place in OpenSea on ETH blockchain. Raised funds will be used for V2 Game development and marketing. We plan to start the land sales right after our great Cinematic trailer video of V2 Game this June.


BTS Labs: What is the Moon Nation Bridge? What are you aiming for with this platform?

Ben Todar(CEO): Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) can connect any game may it be on the blockchain or off the blockchain through our API.

Currently is accessible through or can now be downloaded on Google Playstore! MNB also serves as a game dashboard, MNP/MNG wallet, game download hub, and future NFT marketplace!

Another thing that definitely needs the spotlight is MNP. The currency used in the game is always priced at 0.01 USD no matter what the market condition is. Also instantly send MNP to your friends only with their user id and no gas fee!

We are boarding 3rd party games on the bridge! Currently we have the moonnation game, Uno, and poker playable via android or PC!


BTS Labs: Does Moon Nation have an official company, where is the head office located? Who are the game developers and where are their offices?

Ben Todar(CEO): We launched $MNG on 27th May 2021 and Moon Nation Game LTD was established on 25 June 2021 in the UK. Right now our game developer team, which consists of more than 40 people, continues to work in the Moon Nation office in Pune, India under the management of our Technology Director, Ajit.

Moon Nation head office is located in Dubai, UAE where it has already become a second home for me. The UAE has established the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) to grant licenses to crypto firms looking to set up in Dubai and will begin to oversee activities related to crypto assets. It is committed to developing a regulatory ecosystem for the growth of the domestic crypto sector and being a crypto hub. I can tell how good the decision was to move here to Dubai as I can do face to face efficient meetings with pioneers and biggest influencers of the sector to move the Moon Nation project further faster.

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: NFT are growing rapidly, there are many games that follow the type of role-playing and turn-based games, which have already succeeded in the past few years. What are the utilities of your NFT in game and in the ecosystem? Can I have passive income if I am a NFT owner?

Ben Todar(CEO): Easiest and most accurate answer is yes.
You will have passive income if you’re NFT holder.


BTS Labs Community: So far, what major achievements has #MNG Project achieved? What difficulties and risks did you encounter in the process of project implementation, and what factors prompted you to overcome the difficulties?

Ben Todar(CEO): $MNG — @MoonNation0
In less than a year

-Awarded Most Innovative Project

-Sponsor at Dubai Crypto Expo

-Release of Moon Nation Game V1 Android

-Release of Poker, Uno etc. On Android

-Release of MNB platform on Android Google Play store

  • New V2 contract with 0 tax

-@chainlink integration

-First Ever AMA on the METAVERSE

-@BNBCHAIN & @BinanceLabs MVBIV Incubation program.

-BTS global marketing partnership.

- inventors of #EDUFI

-Offices in UK, UAE and India


BTS Labs Community: Moon Nation describes itself as the largest video game ever brought to the Binance Smart Chain, so do you have a plan of becoming interoperable with other blockchains in the future or will you be operating alone on BSC?

Ben Todar(CEO): 100%
We will be a multi chain project.


BTS Labs Community: The economic model is what players care about. Could you talk about your economic model? Besides the fact that yours is the Play-to-Earn game, What are the other financial models applied within the project? Is there a possibility to use your token for staking or farming?

Ben Todar(CEO): We’re introducing staking platform in the upcoming days.
And also releasing detailed documents about our new tokenomics
Stay tuned


BTS Labs Community: Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Ben Todar(CEO): We do indeed have great community managers from different parts of the world where English isn’t their first Language.
We will be adding more in due course.







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