Metarun — The Run-to-Earn game with NFT assets. Built on UE5, empowered by the BNB chain

BTS Labs held an AMA with Metarun on July 15th. The theme of this AMA is “Metarun is the Run-to-Earn game with NFT assets. Built on UE5, empowered by the BNB chain”. The guest we had were Matija Rosovic, the CEO of Metarun, and Noman Rasheed, the Co-founder of Metarun. They introduced that Metarun is the first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets.


BTS Labs: Can you briefly introduce Metarun? What is the story behind its origin? When did it start? and could you please share some videos, pictures of Metarun game?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Metarun is the first blockchain-based P2E and P2W endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. The game includes a cross-chain marketplace for in-game NFT trading, and a whole spectrum of crypto-features that enable Play-to-Earn mechanics. Metarun is built on the BNB chain.

In December 2021, Metarun closed a $4m private fundraising round. The round was led by Genblock Capital, AU21, X21, and Oddiyana Ventures. Other notable participants include Magnus Capital, Icetea Labs, InnMind, Metrix capital, Ellipti, Oddiyana ventures, ZBS capital, AC capital, Asteroid capital, IBC group, BitCreed Capital and more.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Metarun’s stunning graphics and storyline bring together the best of the traditional gaming experience and blend it seamlessly with state-of-the-art crypto technology. The game’s internal economic system runs on its native token $MRUN and the virtual currency OPAL and allows users to play to earn, and purchase in-game items and characters skins as NFTs via the native cross-chain marketplace.

Metarun has 45 unique characters that each have upgradable NFT skins, which differ in prices and ROI players will get. Initial Metarun Beta will see 3 characters made available with the release with more to be added soon.

Everything shared here was built from the scratch :)
From our own in house team ☺️

Noman Rasheed(Co-founder): yes exactly, we have a team of 40+ members working full time on Metarun


BTS Labs: Could you please describe the in-game economy and $MRUN utility?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): $MRUN and OPAL(in-game currency) are the two central pillars that sustain the Metarun ecosystem. The $MRUN token uses Binance smart chain BEP-20 token standard, while OPAL is a stable virtual currency used within the game for various purposes. OPAL is pegged with USD in the ratio of 1:270 and can be exchanged with $MRUN using price oracles.

$MRUN Utility
$MRUN is a utility token with numerous use-cases within the Metarun ecosystem. Listed below are some of the methods the token will be utilized in the Metarun environment:
$MRUN is a Metarun native token that can only be converted into in-game currency OPAL allowing $MRUN to become the direct beneficiary of OPAL utility.

$MRUN is required to
a. Upgrade characters
b. Upgrade abilities (active and passive)
c. Upgrade the last visual level of each skin

Upgraded characters inside the game need to be minted before selling to the secondary market with upgraded values. Upgraded NFTs required a small fee for buying/selling and minting. The fee will be in the $MRUN token.

NFTs and other in-game items can be bought at a discounted price if bought through $MRUN.

Metarun super NFT chest can only be bought through $MRUN. The chest will be exclusive and have one-time special rewards, currencies, artifacts, OPAL, etc.

$MRUN token holders have a multiplier effect on earning potential and additional rewards according to their amount of holdings. Such as
a. Special chests with rewards.
b. Increase the percentage earnings in PvP battles run.

Metarun users can engage in several staking and farming pools using $MRUN tokens. Each pool will have its reward percentage, incentivizing users to participate in farming $MRUN and rare NFTs.

Battle passes can only be bought through $MRUN tokens; additionally, special event and tournament tickets can be bought through $MRUN tokens.

$MRUN can be used to pass/skip the battle pass mission.

$MRUN is required
a. To make the team or clan
b. To play team rank matches

The team or clan can make the group bank, where players can hold the token to get the additional group rewards. Such as
a. Every week free event tickets.
b. Group league points bonus for the clan.

A fee in the $MRUN token is required to convert OPAL (in-game virtual currency ) to $MRUN; the fee will be in the $MRUN token.

Players can donate the $MRUN token to creators. Creator will get $MRUN as a reward.
$MRUN tokens are required for character leasing. And much more to come!

This image explains our economy in depth and detail too :)

Noman Rasheed(Co-founder): We have alot of utility for MRUN once the game is publicly launched , so make sure you hold your tokens if you want to earn more from the game :)


BTS Labs: Tell us about your roadmap, what have you already done and what are your plans for the near future?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): We have been able to achieve considerable success in terms of kickstarting the project. We released our website, whitepaper to help users find more information about the project. Secured funding, TGE, launched the Alpha version of the game to the community and built our own native NFT marketplace.

The game was launched on the google plays store for pre-registration, and we already have over 8k pre-registered users. Make sure you are subscribed so don’t miss out on the rewards.

We are now working on launching our Playable 3d NFTs, the game with Run-to-earn economy and 1v1v1 game mode, launching the game on the apple store.


BTS Labs: Please shine some light on your closed beta launch and what are the advantages of participating in that.

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Metarun just launched closed beta PVP mode (1v1) on Android and IOS with Run-to-Earn mechanics for 550 gamers and listed 280 NFT tickets on the native NFT Marketplace for sale. The tickets were sold out in under 30 minutes (Users had to perform specific tasks before they could buy tickets).

The remaining tickets will be sold gradually over the next couple of weeks, providing developers with enough time to test and rectify any issues with the current build and roll out any necessary updates. However, the remaining tickets have an oversubscribed demand already.

Closed Beta notable features:
- 4 Weeks
- 550 spots
- available
- UP TO 225% ROI
- or $18 PER HOUR

The Closed Beta is built on the NFT ticket system. The more expensive the ticket, the higher the ROI. There will be 3 types of tickets — Golden, Silver and Bronze. Every Tuesday during the 3 weeks of the Closed Beta some NFT tickets will be available for purchase. After the Closed Beta, NFT tickets will be exchanged for playable NFT character skins, which can be used for playing after the Global Launch of Metarun.

Noman Rasheed(Co-founder): The complete closed Beta guide can be found here


BTS Labs: Any exciting announcements you would like to reveal before we end this part of the AMA session?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Certainly yes, soon we are going to launch PVE version of the game with a leaderboard system. You can play the game and thrive on being on the leaderboard. We will pick 3 top players every day and distribute rewards. So essentialy players will earn rewards for playing the game and posting your scores on social media without any upfront cost.

we also announced our first INO platform NFTb and will be announcing more partnerships very soon.

Noman Rasheed(Co-founder): Also, All proceeds from the Closed Beta #NFT Ticket Sale will be used to #buy back $MRUN tokens. We will be doing the same every time revenue is generated on the platform.

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: Can you tell us about your plans for long-term? what strategy will be used to expand globally?Do you have a Global ambassador Program or any Reward System? Does I get any benefit from holding this token for long term?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Hi, sure the long terms plans are continuing to improve the game giving users more stuff to do on our platform. Creating tournaments and expanding our NFT assets beyond our projects ecosystem provides even more utility to the NFTs. The ambassador program will also be revealed as will the rewards structure based on the game gameplay modes (we will reward the best PvE and PvP players)☺️


BTS Labs Community: Many P2E games have dual token system. But@MetarunGamehas only a single token #MRUN. With 1 token for all features including P2E, players after acquiring them will sell them and will cause token inflation. So how will #MetaRun ensure a stable economy and combat token inflation?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Two token economies are harder to maintain so we decided to go with the one token to avoid too many complexitites. We have alot planned to control the inflation which includes alot of token utilities so users are incentivized to spend the token in the game rather then selling it on exchanges. Our buy-backs plans will also deal with inflation. A portion of every NFT sale will go into buying back and burning our token , thus reducing the circulating supply.


BTS Labs Community: Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users to your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring non-crypto users and real-use cases?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Our goal is to bring as many non-crypto users to our platform and engage them to play the game. Many projects forget not everyone is skilled or knowledgeable about the blockchain. That’s why we have our game available on the google play store preregistration site and are actively engaging with the community by producing tutorial videos and live sessions to explain the benefits of blockchain gaming. Also, we will partner with major esports orgs from around the world to show the potential of Metarun becoming an esports title soon☺️


BTS Labs Community: I’ve played a lot of Runner-themed games but I’ve never really seen any one with graphics as good as Temple Run. Do you think the MetaRun game can offer a really impressive graphics and UI/UX better than that of Temple Run? Also, what are the key features of the MetaRun game?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): Metarun is built on the Unreal 5 engine the most complex graphic tool in the world. Our game surpasses Temple run or any endless mobile runner game on the traditional market in both the graphic visual and gameplay quality. Not only have we developed a rich graphic environment but our characters with their abilities and skills will make sure that any endless runner game before and after will be compared only with Metarun as a benchmark.

Each character NFT has 9 variations. Each variation has a different, ROI, power level and is upgradable using MRUN and by playing the game. This image explains some differences in character abilities.


BTS Labs Community: I saw on your Twitter account that a few days ago, you talked about the Metarun Tier-1 Genesis NFT collection, said NFTs will have Max ability powers along with other high-end attributes. So, can you tell us more about this NFTs?

Matija Rosovic(CEO): As you see i the picture above each character NFT has 9 variations. Each variation has a different, ROI, power level and is upgradable using MRUN and by playing the game. This image explains some differences in character abilities

Thank You so much, everyone! It was a wonderful experience to be here, and I look forward to seeing you joining our project. You can read more information about the project on our website. Still, if you guys have any questions, You can join our Group and ask anything that you want to know. Thank You again for having me here today.

Official Gameplay Trailer:
Google play store listing:
NFT Marketplace:

Download and play the Free PVE game mode :

1. Download Testflight here
2. Download Metarun via the link —

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