GEMS — An Esports 3.0 Aggregator Platform within An O2O Ecosystem

BTS Labs held an AMA with GEMS on March 28th. The theme of this AMA is “GEMS — An Esports 3.0 Aggregator Platform within An O2O Ecosystem”. The guest we had was Andy Koh, the GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO. He introduced GEMS to us that GEMS propels E-sports into 3.0 by integrating Gamefi, Metaverse and Socialfi elements. GEMS core business pillars include a portal, a NFT rental library, a Fanfi studio and a competitive pools arena.


BTS Labs: Could you introduce GEMS to us and what are the features of GEMS?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): GEMS is an E-sports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem. It propels E-sports into 3.0 by integrating Gamefi, Metaverse and Socialfi elements. GEMS core business pillars include a portal, a NFT rental library, a Fanfi studio and a competitive pools arena.

GEMS is an one stop destination for gamers that integrates the young population into the new sharing Economy. This ambitious vision of GEMS is realized by 3 very strong backers providing technical and industrial support. LABS blockchain digital real estate investment platform, Arena E-sports Hotel, Game One E-sports management.



BTS Labs: Being an E-sports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem, what features and advantages will GEMS bring with E-sports 3.0 that traditional E-sports do not have? How will players really experience GameFi and how can they earn with GEMS?


Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): There aren’t any existing blockchain infrastructure for traditional E-sports, which is why we need E-sports 3.0 that combines E-sports & blockchain. Let me share some benefits:

With GEMS E-sports 3.0 ecosystem, players can meet new friends and build teams to enter E-sports competitions of blockchain games and traditional games.

GEMS’ E-sports 3.0 enables all E-sports players to gain access to a transparent and fair competition platform. Since the identities of all players and organizations in E-sports 3.0 are based on blockchain digital wallets; contracts between all E-sports players, team organizations, tournament organizers and sponsors will be signed through very transparent smart contracts. Its transparency enables every member of the ecosystem to be rewarded with benefits and services they deserve.

Fans of E-sports teams or players can also use such digital-wallet user IDs to support their favorite E-sports team, and the status symbol of these “TOP Fans” will be permanently recorded in the fan’s e-wallet . The “TOP FANS” status certification received through digital identity will be permanent.

Sponsors can also leverage smart contracts to conduct trusted transactions with event organizers and esports players. Ordinary players can access and subscribe to our platform like a SAAS (software as a service) platform, and earn game bonuses through P2E games and daily tasks.

This is the Esports 3.0 era brought by GEMS.


BTS Labs: Could you please explain about GEMS’ E-sports 3.0 and O2O interaction? What is the vision behind this?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): E-sports 3.0 is a combination of E-sports + blockchain, combined with the trend of Gamefi, web 3.0, decentralization and sharing economy in the industry.

We can see that trends are changing and the gaming market is the biggest market right now.




BTS Labs: Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are the utilities of your token?How do GEMS holders earn from the platform?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): First of all, GEMS tokens have various utility scenarios on the GEMS platform

GEMS Platform gaming rewards
*Player live stream rewards
*NFT rental fees and incentives
*GEMS tournaments & events rewards
*DAO guild voting rights

GEMS High Level Token Utility
GEMS Tokenomics and Usage
Users can earn multiple type of finance through GEMS platform online features
Example: Earn US$1-US$30 a day using GEMS GAMEFI feature


BTS Labs: Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? What are the major achievement targets GEMS is yet to achieve? If possible, also share your roadmap.

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): Our greatest achievements of all time is when history is re-written in the GAMEFI’S world as we bring multiple sharing economy from different E-sports touchpoint into GAMEFI.

Our Investors
Our Team Experience
Our Partners
Our Founding Companies

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: Can you introduce us to the team behind your project to build such a project? What is their background and experience?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): NO.1-LABS GROUP-№1 and 1st Real Estate Investment Fractionation + Veteran in Gamefi

NO.1-Arena E-sports Hotel-№1 and 1st Esports Hotel Chain in SEA.

NO.1-Game One-№1 and 1st E-sports Turn Key Solution Company in SEA.

So you can see the formula: GAMEFI + ESPORTS + COMMUNITY.

It’s like finding a needle in the ocean and this is isn’t coincidence. This is an engineered idea of Esports 3.0 + GEMS. Again our combination of our founders give GEMS 3 great competitive advantages:

1. Online & Offline (O2O)

2. Team & Founder Experience on E-sports, make GEMS the E-sports 3.0

3. Blockchain solution implementation and many Gamefi partnerships through an existed business relationship.


BTS Labs Community: Regarding your native GEMS tokens, could you tell us about its distribution and its usefulness in each of your games and in its use on the platform in general? Also, if your presale is already done, where is it listed?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): Since we are a aggregator system this means we focus on the gamer’s need instead the gaming which is taken care by our listed game’s partner themselves.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We are also in talk with the TOP 10 exchange currently however we been very careful and vigilant on which exchange since we care a lot about our retail investors once we go IDO.

Gamefi NFT Rental
Gamer Profile Page


BTS Labs Community: I saw on your website some notable projects and companies such as the LABS Group, Arena E-sports Hotel and Game One. Would you please elaborate to us your project’s relationship with these projects/companies? How does these three influences your project as a whole?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): This is a very straight forward question but it allow me to proudly say this combination is very powerful and formidable joint venture. Is completing a trinity missing puzzles in the space of Gamefi which is BLOCKCHAIN + ETOURISM + ESPORTS veterans. Without shouldering one another we cannot bring this amazing platform to every gamer’s need in the millennials era.

GEMS Founding Partners

Yuen Wong: Master Of Blockchain (64 invested Gamefi projects)
Andy Koh: Master Of Esports (Top 5 Esports Team Customers)
Tracy Tan: Master Of Community (Top 1 Esports Hotel)
Angel: Master Of Social (1st Female Artist By Microsoft: Cross Fire)

Everything that you need to build the best platform in the world: ESPORTS 3.0 PLATFORM


BTS Labs Community: GEMS will bring E-sports 3.0 but what will be the main differences that separate E-sports 3.0 from 1 and 2.0? What innovations will you introduce to the gaming industry with E-sports 3.0?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): Esports 3.0 will enable gamers, fans and partners to benefit from the growth of the virtual worlds by using our platform and our aim is to install all these features in 1 platform that everyone can access and have full transparency on all the activities within our platform eco system have to offer.


BTS Labs Community: Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

Andy Koh(GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform CEO): Let me share a bit about GEMS that we are not new kids on the block. Over the past month, GEMS has successfully raised over 5 million+ USDT and attracted top-notch VCs and blockchain investors to invest in our projects like GAINS Associates, Cabin VC, DEXT FORCE, AvStar Capital.

On top of that, we have encountered over 40+ ecosystem partners including GameFi heavyweight players such as Dreams Quest, Project Seed, Solchicks, and many more. Not to mention, GEMS is currently working with our partners in Southeast Asia, to expand our ambitious hotel network in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia. So that players can gather teams and battle in competitions in our E-sports and GameFi tournaments.

So both infrastructure, partners, logistics and investment we have full fulfilled. Our next step is focusing to choose the best launchpads in the interest of GEMS from both financial and also strategic benefit.

I hope our results tell you about our WHY, HOW, WHEN and WHAT is GEMS marketing strategy. If you think GEMS ESPORTS 3.0 PLATFORM can become the KING OF GAMES PLATFORM. JOIN US NOW!!!

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