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11 min readMay 22, 2024

BTS Labs held an AMA with Gameon Forge on April 15th. The theme of this AMA is “Gameon Forge — Blockchain gaming launchpad & publisher”. The guest we had was Muaz Xinthix, Co-Founder of Gameon Forge.

BTS Labs: Good evening, tonight we will learn about GameOnForge project. Welcome Muaz Gameon Forge Co-Founder.

Muaz: Thank you very much for having me.. appreciate all the support from the BTS and the community.

BTS Labs:Welcome again sir, so I prepare some question for tonight for our ama discussion, I will start from this first question.

Q1: Can you introduce yourself? And what did you do before GameonForge project?

Muaz:Had being around WEB3 working fulltime since 2020; Some of the projects I worked are Darwinia Community, Seedify, Fireworks, GT Protocol. As well was onboarding traditional streamers to some of the WEB3 games; prior to WEB3 I was in Digital Marketing and Revenue in Hospitality, while co-founded (A Digital Marketing and SAAS company)

BTS Labs: nice to know you more MuazXinthix, let’s go to the second question.

Q2: How do you view Gamefi as a category/subset of crypto or the Blockchain system? And what concept attracted you to join this sector in the first place? What major pain points or opportunities did you identify and decide to leverage with your project?

Muaz:Beside from my professional career, myself and other Co-Founders of GameOn Forge are life long gamers.. When it comes to gaming, gamers are known for trading, (swaping cartridges, selling their whole gaming profiles, or playing for streamers to make their profiles gain higher ranks) before blockchain, we were mainly using Paypal or other payment methods; as well needs a middle man or a trusted party.. But when in 2017 I started exploring an alternative way to transact money, that’s where I came across crypto, and ended up leaving the WEB2 job and 100% contributing to WEB3 in 2020>

Still after 4 years; what we have seen in WEB3 games is most of us (WEB3 native users) are bullish on gaming projects, according to their twitter accounts following, and the hype we see infront of us; however the reality of gaming is, what adds value to the game is gamers who play and add traffic value to the ecosystem which attracts IP’s and brands.. So we decided to leverage our network of traditional gamers to onboard and play WEB3 games. . We have so fat extended our network to 300+ streamers.

BTS Labs: This is really interesting for people who adapt digital game and really who started to use some applications right now, lucky to have an ama with you here team GameonForge. Lets proceed to another quest.

Q3: What is GameonForge? What will it serve in blockchain gaming?

Muaz: As well GameOn Forge will not be only a launchpad its more than that.. 😇 so we bring an additional feature to our launchpad, which we call fNFT (Flex NFT) which will allow the users to have liquid vesting options..A liquid vesting option that will allow the users; to sell their future vested tokens as an NFT .. more like OTC deal; GameOn Forge; is a WEB3 game publisher which will be more like Ycombinator merges with Epic games . Initially we will have Quest and Launchpad platform. Quest platform where traditional users and web3 users would be able to contribute and support their favorite gaming projects, and earn Social Points (which they can use within the platform) Also this makes the game devs life more easy less expensive for them to onboard their initial users. So even before the game goes to the fundraising round, the retail and venture capital would be able to identify the number of users who are interested in playing the game, not only who are interested in buy the token. Yes we will have our own NFT marketplace and game launcher; this is to make the platform more accessible for gamers, instead of sending the gamers to other platforms (such as opensea for nfts)

BTS Labs: Noice to know that this is not only for gaming it is also for projects that want to launch on your platform at the early stage. So let’s go for more interesting questions, Im so excited to know you more 😊

Q4: Can you give an overview of your features?

Muaz:Quest — for the projects to have events and affordable platform to gain consumers along with web3 native users. Launchpad — with a twist, that will allow users to invest as well have an access to liquid vesting opportunities to sell their investments to other interested party. NFT Marketplace — Focus on gaming NFTs and other NFT too; but mostly focus on gamers to have easy access to through account abstraction, without having to connect their wallet (web3 native users yes can connect wallet) Game Launcher — This will allow game devs to focus on developing games, instead of wasting their time on developing a game launcher; and once their game is ready, they can use GameOn Forge launcher to gain exposure to the real gamers for their pc game..

BTS Labs: Awesome!! I may say this Gameon Forge is for long term!!

Muaz: Our vision is to extend our current network of gaming streamers, clans and gamers to an extend that we would be able to take a good portion of game launcher market place..

Q5: So can you discuss the utility of the $GOF token?

Muaz:Launchpad — Participate in early investment rounds. Quest platform — initially free for all the projects: future will be charged from projects not launched on GameOn Forge; the revenue will be used to buy back $GOF tokens; NFT Marketplace — Fees, Wrapping vested tokens, Sales; Game Launcher — all the transactions will be in $GOF tokens. As well holders of $GOF will earn airdrops from

- Every launched project

- Incubated project

- Yearly treasury

more in our tokennomics; with exact %

Q6: Does your project issue NFTs? If so, how can the Community participate, and what are their benefits?

Muaz: We will have our own NFT collection. The NFT represents the year we launch (Dragon) and our logo. The idea of having this collection, as a launchpad focus on empowering quality developers we would need to focus on investors as well (Venture and Retails) so having an NFT collection will allow retail investors to have an opportunity to invest in high quality gaming projects along side Venture Capitals. Keepers of the Forge: An NFT Collection With A Twist; Embark on a journey into the realm of Keepers of the Forge, a groundbreaking NFT collection that promises a truly unique experience. Here’s a glimpse into its extraordinary features and utilities:

The initial iteration or placeholder for the collection is a Dragon Egg.……but every egg is NOT the same…… Some eggs will contain 1 Dragon NFT, others 2, and the most rare ones will contain 3 Dragons.

🐣Dragon Egg Collection and 🔥1500 Dragon Eggs available.

🥚Each egg contains a unique number of Dragon NFTs: 1, 2, or the rarest with 3 Dragons.

🐉 Sibling NFTs: 🐣NFTs from the same egg are ‘Siblings’ and forever connected via the blockchain.

⚙️NFT Utilities:

🤖Premium Access to GameOn Forge Ecosystem.

🤝Participation in Early-Stage Funding Rounds.

🎁Stake to Earn Airdrops and Rewards.

✅Unlock Multipliers for Launchpad and Incubation Rewards.

🗳Participation in DAO Voting.

🛠Utility Features Include:

👾Access to Seed Funding Rounds Participation.

🧧Redistribution of Secondary Market Royalties.

🔛Multiplier for Incubation Rewards.

🎉Airdrops Distribution.

💰Annual Treasury Loyalty Rewards.

Governance Rights.

Muaz: we have yet not started the Whitelisting of the NFT sales .. keep an eye out for that; soon we will do some announcements 😇😇

BTS Labs: Oh guys take this as a note so you can participate too.

Q7: Can you introduce your Airdrop program?

Muaz:We strongly believe in rewarding the community and early adopters. So we have allocated 2% of our supply for Airdrops; we call it #Quest4Tokens which will take place in seasons. Currently we have Season 1 live, with total 400K tokens. Unlike many airdrops out there; we are not using a point system and openly sharing the value of the tokens. We use zealy, Galxe and other platforms to bring more exposure. But there are compulsory tasks; that are mentioned in our airdrop page. 200K will shared to those who are participating in events on zealy and other short events which we will be doing in our discord and telegram. mini events are arranged to ensure that every supporter have an opportunity. Season 2 will start closer to our TGE. Season 1 distribution will be happening 2nd week after listing. Other seasons will go live according to our roadmap. (NFT Market place & Game Launcher)

We are also currently doing some airdrop events with Gate web3, we have currently 10k users participating in that event. So really thankful to our partners and community members.

BTS Labs: Mostly of airdrops has this things participants needs to do first and it’s good because it helps the Community grow and active and it’s a win win situation for both parties

Muaz: yes.. some see it as a negative thing.. however there is no business that does not reward the real supporters and consumers..

e.g: your normal shops (sales pitch 2 get 1 free) or traditional games: invited 5 friends and get an epic skin.. So rewarding users is something that’s exists from the very early days..

BTS Labs:We are now in Q8, It is stated in your website that Gameon Forge is the first game — specific launchpad, with tools to facilitate the success of games.

Muaz: Yes we did research; as well as a person who was involved in launching several gaming projects in WEB3 in 2021 and 2022 as a BDM.. The main pain-point for web3 games is not having users. Early adoption was most retail investors; with a very small amount of gamers who would spend time to play and contribute to the game. we saw this when the crypto crash came; due to the lack of actual gamers; most projects struggled, some survived some totally stopped their dev. So are fully equipped to merge trading marketing and User acquisition along side the web3 marketing, As well we will have our own API and SDK that will allow the games devs to understand their user journey better..

BTS Labs: My question is, since you have created your own launchpad where gaming platforms will hold their pre-sale, IDO, etc, will everyone who needs to join GameonForge ecosystem be it game studios, vestors, or gamers undergo Kyc process to participate in your Launchpad? How will you get to know trusted projects before they use your Launchpad, will you carry out an extensive research of such projects in other not to be held responsible for NY misfortune like rug pulling?

Muaz: Similar to all the IDO platforms; we will practice KYC and KYB in our platform.. however what we have learned is some Rugpulls are bad behavior from the people, however some projects really struggled (in traditional terms — Bankrupt) to keep up with their development and expenses. So to avoid this, our step one is to showcase the game to gamers know their interests prior to launching the project, So the success rate much higher. later we will be doing the exposure or web3 user acquisition for those games (meaning launching or incubating)

BTS Labs: That’s really good that you know the users interest first

Muaz: As well our team. we attend and will keep attending gaming conferences, the idea is to onboard game studios from web2 to web3. this will also bring a new audience and taste if games, as well since those studios will have their existing user base it will be easier to have games with solid users. less chances of failure compare to a team with 0 existing user base..!

BTS Labs: Wow! This is really important! Guys, prepare your questions, I will give you chance to ask after this segment 1 finish. So,

Q9: How to join GOF fundraising Launchpad?

Muaz: Like any other launchpad. The users would need to hold $GOF tokens to participate in Private and Public sales. Something I have not mentioned earlier.. Participating in Quest platform will allow you to earn something called Social Points (these are off chain) one use case for this is; those who don’t want to buy our tokens may be the price is too expensive; they can pledge their interest using social points..

Free Questions


Zafer Akca:Do you have audit certificate? or Are you working on auditing your project, so that project security is more secure and reliable?

Muaz: The Smart Contracts are audited. we have published on our socials all the audit reports too.


Alvira: Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your $GOF token in long term?

Muaz: When we designed our token economy we kept this in our mind. instead of only holders earn profit when the price goes up; we also considered highly to rewards holders using airdrop options; such as

- Launchprojects

- Incubations

- Yearly Treasury.

As well instead of going for the most hype creating business model of GameOn Forge will be the game launcher with DePin; which we are not yet speaking about, instead we are starting with the products (Quest and Launchpad) so we will have a working product at the time we launch our tokens. the other roadmap; NFT Market Place & Gamelauncher will follow as we have mentioned in our roadmap.


Shazada: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one?

Muaz: yes we will have ambassador program; closer to the TGE this will be launched..


Binol: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Muaz: beside our experience in WEB3 and WEB2, specially in Launchpad and investing in WEB3 projects. We gathered a strong network of streamers; that will ensure all the projects launching on GameOn Forge have lowest cost of user acquisition. UA is one of the biggest problems in WEB3 gaming, So those who solve this will pioneer the WEb3 game publishing ecosystem.


Olga Grove: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

Muaz: our platform is designed in way that will cater WEB3 native and traditional users. The traditional users does not have to go through or understand the tech aspect of the WEB3; they can easily use their email or social login to register and use our platform.

Our token distribution is published on our tokenomics; as well closer to the dates we will share more information on this as well.. I would say less then 6% of the total supply will be unlocked at TGE.


Walker:Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages ?

Muaz:✅ Official links of GAMEonFORGE:


✖️ X :

✈️ Telegram Group :

China 🇨🇳:

Africa 🇿🇦:

France 🇫🇷:

Turkish 🇹🇷:

VietNam 🇻🇳:

🔔 Telegram Announcement :

🎮 Discord :

📷 instagram:

🌈 threads:

📹 youtube:

📖 facebook page:

📑 White Paper :

💼 LinkedIn Page:


BTS Labs: well, really thank you all for joining our AMA today, we are so happy to have you here Muaz, See you another ama event here in our community guys, God bless you all..

Muaz: Thankyou BTS Team and the Community for the support.

Thank you again.


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