Cross The Ages — A Mobile-first Collectible NFT Card Game set in A Dystopian Clash of Worlds

BTS Labs held an AMA with Cross The Ages on October 25th. The theme of this AMA is “Cross The Ages — A Mobile-first Collectible NFT Card Game set in A Dystopian Clash of Worlds”. The guest we had were Quentin forget, the marketing manager of Cross The Ages. He introduced that Cross the Ages was founded by serial game developer and entrepreneur Sami Chlagou and the highly successful entrepreneur Christophe de Courson.


BTS Labs: Could you introduce yourselves to the audience and tell us a little bit about your team and backgrounds?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Cross the Ages was founded by serial game developer and entrepreneur Sami Chlagou and the highly successful entrepreneur Christophe de Courson.

Combined, the CTA founding team has more than 30 years of experience in the gaming industry and has worked on more than 50 games on next-generation consoles including Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, Steam, and Android.

We employs more than 80 artists internationally to design the captivating visuals of the game. These artists are renowned for their work for iconic franchises, including Joshua Cairos, who worked on Game of Thrones and Star Wars, Josu Salano who worked on Lord of the Rings, Andreas Rochas who worked on Harry Potter

Cross the Ages book series is written by a team of writers, led by accomplished science-fiction novelist, Arnaud Dollen. Alain Damasio, working as Narrative Director, the most famous French sci-fi writer who has sold more than one million copies of his book, Les Furtifs. Additional talent includes Norbert Merjagnan and Pablo Servigne who has co-authored eight best-selling books.


BTS Labs: How did you come up with Cross the Ages? Where did it all start?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Well, let’s start with this: Many projects in the field of crypto, and especially GameFi, have a limited lifespan. Without even counting scams running around. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but here we will mention two that we feel are essential: the enjoyment of the game and the construction of an immersive experience through a story.

At Cross the Ages, we hold in high esteem the idea that a game that stands the test of time is a game that is recognized for its playfulness. This “fun-to-play” aspect is therefore at the heart of our unique card game imagined by a fan of card games for over 30 years. But you will discover all that soon.

Finally, we believe that the best way to place a game in a long term vision is to lay its foundations on a rich and exciting universe. We all like to be told stories. All the great names in popular culture have been passed down through the generations thanks to the storytelling qualities and the emotional involvement they generate. That’s why we’ve hired 14 expert science fiction authors and more than 80 artists to bring CTA characters and world to life in more than 7 books, planned over 10 years of publication. This will create a great and challenging saga that players will enjoy following: through the game, the books and our future secret productions on our roadmap. Making CTA an entire IP.


BTS Labs: What kind of TCG would you say Cross the Ages is similar to? Can you tell us any of its unique mechanics?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Cross The Ages: TCG is a one of its kind experience based on a long time no see core concept coming from Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad, perfectly mixed with features from all TCG we loved as kids such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon… Including home made concepts. Therefore, CTA doesn’t look like any other TCG available right now.

CTA: TCG is played on a 4x4 board where players compete to capture the most space possible on the board by strategically using their cards to dominate their opponent. It’s an easy-to-play and hard-to-master game, in which combos and boards configurations can be widely different from a game to another, even after playing the same deck 20 times. We are providing a refreshing and entertaining experience in the TCG space with a high replay value (short games of 10min maximum), captivating visuals and ultimately unique gameplay features that will make all players joining the CTA adventure starting from the same point.

GAMEPLAY Preview #3 | Cross The Ages: Trading Card Game


BTS Labs: Let’s talk about the art style. From what I can see you’ve opted for a cyberpunk setting with magical elements. What made you go down this route?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Cross The Ages philosophy is all about building bridges. In all our productions we are trying to vehiculate this core idea of creating links between spaces, objects, memories, etc. It all started with our nostalgia of old TCGs and mixing it with new technologies like blockchain and NFTs. For example, while playing CTA: TCG, you will be able to turn your digital NFTs into physical NFCs (Nun-Fongible Cards) by completing the whole collection of cards.

It went exactly the same in the production process of the universe. Just like our TCG, we wanted to set our story in an original universe. And what could be more appealing than mixing two genres which, at first sight, wouldn’t possibly feat together? Fantasy and science-fiction. Cross The Ages is a saga building a bridge between these two. How are those bridges made? What could possibly be the bounds between those two worlds? I’ll let you discover it by reading the book! Which is available for free online!

Translated in 6 languages, including chinese, english, japanese, spanish, polish and french!


BTS Labs: Can’t talk about a block-chain game without asking about its earning potential. What options are available for users to make some earnings?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Players will be able to earn in many many different ways on Cross The Ages. Let’s start with this: Cross The Ages collections are limited in time. Meaning that after a collection is closed, you won’t be able to get those cards somewhere else other than the secondary market. You also need to complete the entire collection to turn the cards into NFCs, which represent the ultimate rarity level of a card somehow. We’ll talk later on how you can get cards in-game, but you have a wide range of different cards with different rarities. One of the key features of CTA is that you can merge your cards to turn them into alternative versions. Which are more powerful and rarer.

Each merge therefore reduces the supply, and as more and more players get onboard, the supply will reduce even quicker. You will be able to sell your assets on the marketplace, but also lend your cards to other players for a period of time while keeping the ownership of the card.

Last April happened the presale of the Arkhante NFT packs, the first collection of CTA. These packs grant multiple benefits to their owner such as early access to the game; a different number of cards; valuable mythical cards; an access to the CTA token presale in-game which allow them to buy the token at a discounted price and a secret NFT.

Speaking of it, less than 1% of this supply is currently available on OpenSea. Most owners are holding their packs. That’s how rare those packs are right now.

You can find a complete overview of what’s inside each pack on our website!

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: Will you Come into Ultra Gaming platform?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): Users of Ultra will be able to download the game from the platform and be redirected to Cross The Ages to play the game which is built on ImmutableX.


BTS Labs Community: How will you manage the distribution of physical cards? will they be sent in boosters?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): We will share more details later regarding the NFC features!


BTS Labs Community: Do you have a multichain BSC/SOL etc development in the future?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): We don’t have the multichain plan for the game, not at the moment.


BTS Labs Community: Tokens IDO?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): We have already secured IDO platforms for the token launch. We have successfully done our pre-sale of our first edition of Arkhante NFT collection and launched our Early Access of the game. We also have a long roadmap ahead of us for developing the game and the whole project. So the plan is to develop the game and build a strong community before the IDO. We will keep you posted and stay tuned on our social media official announcement.


BTS Labs Community: Will you be adding training modes in the future?

Quentin forget(Marketing Manager): For now players can train against others in friendly matches. We have a tutorial that we will improve over the coming weeks before the General Release of the game. And yes, we also plan on having a training mode at a later stage!







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