CHEESUS — NFT Gaming Metaverses Onchain activity Analyst Tool

BTS Labs held an AMA with Cheesus on Feb 18th. The theme of this AMA is “CHEESUS — NFT Gaming Metaverses Onchain activity Analyst Tool”. The guest we had was Natalia Ave, the project manager of Cheesus. She introduced the Cheesus project to us which is a multi-chain DeFi analyzer that helps users find real gems without getting caught in any mouse traps focused on NFT Metaverses. Cheesus provides onchain truth and pure data to help users decide whether the project is worth investing in or not.


BTS Labs: Could you introduce Cheesus for us and what makes Cheesus different from other projects?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Cheesus is a multi-chain DeFi analyzer that helps users find real gems without getting caught in any mouse traps focused on NFT Metaverses. The main problem we want to solve is to give onchain truth and pure data to users. We scan blockchains like google scan the internet, where you can find anything and besides open, easy to find and easy to use info we give inside information like real movements of token, amount of bots, fake and insiders wallets. After all this data helps you to decide whether the project is worth investing in or not.


BTS Labs: Can you please provide some information about your Roadmap and how is Cheesus progressing so far?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Main things we’ve done already:

  • Beta tools launch
  • Analyzed Uniswap Trading activity
  • List of the most profitable wallets trading on Uniswap
  • List of the most tradable tokens on Uniswap
  • DeFi & NFT projects report
  • NFT Holders report
  • Token — ERC20 and BEP20 token holders report
  • Profit — tracking all trading history on ETH and BSC networks
  • NFT market data for all NFT projects on Opensea with inside information
  • Flippers — report of Flippers and Diamond Hands (real holders) for ERC20 and BSC20 tokens
  • Avalanche and Polygon expansion

Our plans are quite simple:

1. Expanding on other blockchains, they are Solana, Kusama, Polkadot

2. Implementing new features: Tax calculation, Bridge analytics, more projects and data to review

3. Also of course building a strong community whose ideas on development will be always welcome


BTS Labs: Could you explain to us what is Cheesus token and how can we get it? What incentives are available to investors when buying $CHEESUS tokens?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Cheesus tokens can be bought on Pancakeswap.

Main token utilities are:

  • Paying for API access

Our API is open and you can create your own applications and tools using our data and pay for it with the Cheesus token.

  • Paying for subscriptions

We are making 5 types of subscription where one of them is fully free. As I’ve mentioned before MVPs are ready to use and some features are available. According to our subscription system you’ll need a fixed amount of tokens to get access to expanded features including copy trading bot, VIP chat, API access and others.

  • Staking/Farming token rewards. Data mining rewards + DAO governance

For this purpose we’ve made an achievement system, where it is users who decide to give achievement or not! Also you can create new ones. For example they are: best researcher, best NFT researcher, best language localizator, project auditor.


BTS Labs: How do you ensure the safety for the Cheesus users?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Cheesus analytical platform is fully safe because now all functions are free, you don’t need to connect wallets etc. and all the data you can check via explorer. As for Cheesus staking we’ve internal contract audit + Cheesus token contract is made with our partner Unicrypt and they audited the contract also.


BTS Labs: As one of the leaders of Cheesus, could you talk about the current difficulties and new challenges of Cheesus? What will you do to deal with it?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Permanent development = permanent challenges!

We have some important tasks

  • Make more user-friendly interface — in progress
  • New implementations—trading view charts, liquidity pools data analysis
  • Multichain analytics — takes some time and effort to represent too!

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Cheesus has the native token with multiple utilities: payment for API access, payment for Cheesus subscription, DeFi farming/staking, participation in the DAO, discounts and extra perks.

$CHEESUS tokenomics are based on a deflationary mechanism, so fees will be used to buy back tokens from the market with a further redistribution. Some portion of the tokens will be burned to retain the price.


BTS Labs Community: I read that Cheesus is developing five types of subscriptions where one of them is totally free. So, could you tell me about these five different types of subscriptions? What is the benefit of each subscription? How do you get the free one and how long could it last?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Right!

There will be 5 subscription tiers: Pleb, Ape, Chad, Degen and Marnotaur. Pleb offers the most basic level of Cheesus functionality and will be free forever. Every next tier will be paid. Users will be provided with better conditions, services and benefits.

E.g. Chads will get full access to all features, including a VIP Degen chat group, the Copy Trading bot, fast data updates, a ‘What If’ scenario simulator and up to 1,000 API requests per month. The Degen and Marnotaur subscription levels will provide even better advantages but are also more expensive.


BTS Labs Community: Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Our partners increase awareness of Cheesus and also use our data analysis — Flipper and Diamond hands report for their projects and community.


BTS Labs Community: I find community development many people know the project will bring many benefits to the project. Don’t know if the project has and is having marketing strategies at the moment?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Sure, key points are:

  • Partnerships, where our partners spread awareness about the project and use our analytics themselves
  • Huge amount of AMA sessions, live streams, many KOLs cooperations
  • Local communities, for now we have: Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Indian, Portuguese and Spanish chats to spread awareness about Cheesus to non-english speakers


BTS Labs Community: Can you share with us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be a buy back system or token burning in the future?

Natalia Ave (Project Manager of Cheesus): Please check this image

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