BTS Rebranding Announcement

BTS Labs
3 min readApr 13, 2022

It has been a productive year for BTS, capped off by Quarter 1 that obtained unprecedented growth in the community. We would like to thank each and everyone for making it better. BTS wouldn’t achieve that without your support and engagement.

We decided to rebrand BTS after an in-depth discussion about our long term development for further growth, and can’t wait to announce the VI design upgrade.

BTS Global New VI

BTS Global (including BTS Ventures, BTS Labs and BTS Community DAO) offers a wide range of advisory services including Financing, Exchange Listing, and PR & Marketing. You should have heard of many of our clients across the globe, like AAVE, Sushi, Polkadot, BNB Chain, YGG, Dfinity, Alpaca, CryptoBlades, Flow, Polygon, Wault, Pundix, Beyond, NFTb, Deri, Onbuff, MilliMeter, Cartesi, Near Protoco, ETC.

Therefore, we seek a more stable and reliable structure for the logo in order to meet the strategic positioning of BTS Global and emphasize our brand awareness internationally.


BTS Ventures

BTS Ventures, as a VC under BTS Global, is aiming to participate in early-stage projects with great potential. It is committed to provide flexible financing & extensive marketing support across Asian Pacific Market.

Thus, the VI design associated with BTS Ventures is trying to indicate the irreplaceable position in crypto industry via modern, simple and red-themed visual images.

Official BTS Ventures Twitter:

BTS Labs

BTS Labs, established initially as a marketing company, has rich experience in both project incubation & marketing in crypto industry including GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse and NFT projects.

In the future, we’d like to provide marketing services with more diversities, and that’s why the letter ‘S’ is bolder when coping with the VI section for BTS Labs, meanwhile unifying characteristics of the whole design.

Official BTS Labs Twitter:

BTS Community DAO

BTS Community DAO is an emergent online community for building, governance, and management of the whole company. The DAO members are working together around the world in an effective and efficient way. They are enthusiastic to collaborate with other members from DAO or project teams to enhance each other’s capabilities.

As an organization that aims for global recognition, we optimized the logo design with the letter ‘O‘ in the shape of Earth. It’s inspired by DAO members from different countries or regions, and there’ll be more participants in the near future.

Official Discord:

BTS Global will sustainably work with more potential projects and reliable VCs. We would like to show our sincere gratitude for all of your support!

Thanks each and everyone again.



BTS Labs

BTS Labs mainly provides a wide range of consultancy services including Financing, Listing, and PR & Marketing.