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BTS Labs held an AMA with Antmons on September 28th. The theme of this AMA is “Antmons — A MetaNFT, Battle-to-Earn GameFi Platform compatible with Web 2 & Web 3 Users.”. The guest we had were Michael, the CEO of Antmons. He introduced that Antmons is an exciting Gamefi battle platform compatible with Web 2 & Web 3 users, where there will be MOBA, card strategies, car gunfights and so on.


BTS Labs: Can you please introduce your project and the problems you want to solve / Solutions you are proposing?

Michael(CEO): For sure, Antmons is an exciting Gamefi battle platform compatible with Web 2 & Web 3 users, where there will be MOBA, card strategies, car gunfights and so on.

For current gamefi market, elite developers still have tech cost to kick in, which leads to low-quality content. Users have no better choice but sell out the Token as soon as they get, that is why inflation is inevitable in past gamefi projects. In such case, we do wanna bridge Web2 and Web3 world, by lowering tech cost or financial cost.

And we will launch our first MOBA game next month.

Above all, our platform will help users to solve following problems,

  1. Entry cost, for developers we have interactive live-stream interface/Web3 API, for Web2 users we have friendly interface for cashing out. Also, we designed Meta NFT to define characters in all categories of games. A Meta NFT is a ticket to the playground where rides are continuously increasing, as GameFi and ContentFi try to combine for the first time. Within one-time of purchase, you can choose any gameplay to compete against other players and earn money in Antmons.
  2. Game experience, we have designed Token Pool Battle and interactive NFT live streaming for both players and audiences. Both these exciting features could give you an unprecedented immersive gaming experience, and help us control the token issuance to prevent inflation.


BTS Labs: Who are the Project’s key competitors in crypto or non-crypto?

Michael(CEO): Well, at the very begining when we designed Antmons, many great products and ideas have sparked great inspiration for us. In general, I will regard Antmons as a combination of McDonald’s concept and Skillz(a dollar-based casual games tournament) in Web3.

McDonald’s hiring philosophy: any penniless young fella can find a job opportunity here to accumulate their first pot of gold, which is a solid step to realize the 0–1 leap, with which they can fight for infinite return.

Skillz: a mobile real-time battle platform where players can win with chips invested by their opponents through their skills or strategies.

Antmons hope to build a zero-threshold Game Casino. We provide users chances with a zero cost entry to achieve initial accumulation (McDonald’s) and a token pool PK mechanism (Skillz) to enlarge revenue. Even more, they can also build up their social influence and fans base with their skill set, courage, strategy via interactive live-stream.

To put it short, fun for everyone, everyone can find their opportunities in Antmons, developers, influencers, players,audiences etc.!


BTS Labs: There are more and more Web3 projects, but most of them end up in a death spiral. What kind of economic mechanism does Antmons intend to establish to build market confidence?

Michael(CEO): We believe that if a product cannot arouse the interest of users without a “Web3” tag, it cannot go any further.

And as I mentioned before, elite game developers still haven’t stepped on Web3 industry mostly because the promotion marketing cost or technical cost, so most gamefi are more like “Fi” instead of “Game”, that means the game content doesn’t worth to re-spend the tokens in, users have no other choice but to sell out the tokens as soon as they get it.

Antmons is a real-time game platform. Our mechanism can be summarized as follows:

  1. The legal currency invested by players to purchase digital assets will enter the liquidity pool, our in-game token is Dew, it would be as stable as chips in casino, and the tokens returned by players when they cash out will be destroyed. Users don’t need to worry about the depreciation of tokens, just as players in Las Vegas do not worry about the value of their chips.
  2. There won’t be Dew generated until users pay with USDT or ETH for it, and as more token pool battles ongoing, more Dew would be burned extracted from commission fee, the value of Dew has no other way but going straight up.
  3. What is more exciting, the better the game content is, the more Dew users gonna put into Token Pool battle, and the developers behind would get more profit out of it. And there would be more developers to bring in more wonderful content to Antmons. With more high quality content-based value, users would be more motivated to spending Dew within the game ecosystem.
  4. When a developer provides new content, all the players will be at the same level. Everyone knows it. Every new game would thus get a guaranteed amount of initial exposure. Just like Columbus set foot in America, the benefits are favored by adventurers.

But it is not even closed to enough. We hope that players’ competitive battles can even go further as to provide more value to the outer layers of the world. Therefore, we will also have live streaming and guessing competition or even help them to build up fans base with their skill set or expressive performance, so that the gameplay on the platform can further provide a sense of immersive participation to the all.

Web3 is our amplifier to create such a reasonable, transparent, fair and win-win framework.


BTS Labs: And what are the differences between your project and other blockchain games?

Michael(CEO): Our most important positioning for Antmons is Experience Provider.

Players put forward new demands through DAO. Developers find artists to jointly design game content. Artists rent their own IP design to share revenue. To realize that, we will deal with 2 problems:

  1. Technical barriers traditional developers face when entering Web3,
  2. 2. Single and Isolated NFT Experience like players need to collect different NFT characters to experience the corresponding differences and fun. You can’t expect every tourist to be willing to line up on a single project in the amusement park and have a happy mood to continue to play the remaining content, right?

So we designed Meta NFT, which provides a set of general indicators for each game. Different developers can generate their own in-game characters according to the descriptive data attributes of Meta NFT. Players can experience all characters corresponding to an Anti-pass.

A Meta NFT can be displayed in the racing game in the form of a super run, in MOBA in the form of a thrower, or even in Texas Hold’em in the form of a character card. Holding a Meta NFT is a ticket to an amusement park that continues to increase the number of items.

After upgrading a Meta NFT, you can get various surprises on all characters. We don’t want players who are good at playing Assassins to have to use Tanks to fight with their opponents in a certain period of time. Moreover, what if the player bought a NFT and found the game is not fun? In the world of Antmons, don’t worry about this. With your Meta NFT, change the game, or vote through DAO to throw out the game you don’t like.


BTS Labs: How to join Antmons and what benefits do early members enjoy?

Michael(CEO): Thanks for asking! Actually, we’ve prepared many giveaways and Airdrops for our Early Community Members.


Benefits for our members:

  1. WL Opportunities
  2. Airdrops and NFT
  3. Early Game demo test
  4. Weekly Community activities to giveaway

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: The basic notion of blockchain and NFTs games somehow remains quite esoteric, particularly in the mind of the mainstream consumers. Consequently, the entry barriers include complex steps when starting a new game could be a very big challenge for newcomers. So, does Antmons have detailed instructions and ease of entry to ensure everyone gets started in the smoothest way possible?

Michael(CEO): Thanks for asking. One of the purposes of Antmons is to lower the entry cost of users. We still need to count on elite game devlopers to bring in high-quality gameplay and Web2 players to kick in so as to amplify the value of crpto assets.

  1. Antmons will be compatible with both Web2 and Web3 users/developers, which means no matter whether you are familiar with blockchain or NFT, you can compete with others like playing traditional games and gain game profits, you can cash out with Dollars even without crpto wallet as a Web2 user.
  2. Antmons will develop the live streaming system, it will not only provide users with fun, but also help more new players to grasp the game skills in an immersive way or build up fans base with expressive performance or elite-level skill set.
  3. Of course, we will also develop some instructions for users. The following are some articles that can be referred to:


BTS Labs Community: Is Antmons trying to be closer to an art market such as SupeRare, KnownOrigin and the like, or is it trying to be a NFT hub for every type of NFTs not necessarily related to art (real estate, events and ticketing, licenses/ certifications, etc)?

Michael(CEO): In fact, as a game studio, Antmons focuses more on the game itself. Games are the combination of art and various elements. You can even experience an unprecedented life in games, and Antmons is the provider of such an experience.

More frankly, what Antmons wants to build in the future is a rich and diversified game platform or experience platform. You can explore avant-garde works of art here, or try to create your own metaverse world. Of course, you can also get rewards here by virtue of your talent.


BTS Labs Community: I realized that I antmons the NFT have the possibility to evolve with EXP, so can you explain us what’s the maximum level available? Also how many rarity tiers you NFT have? Common, Epic , Legendary?

Michael(CEO): For now, the highest level of NFT is 10.But in the future, we will continue to open higher levels to players.

The Rarity of a NFT is determined by 2 elements: hero rarity and skin rarity. Heroes with a higher rarity have more energy, powerful skills and will have more DEW rewards from DEW battles.

Hero rarity is determined by the drop rate inside the Sealed Eggs of Antmons. There are 4 different levels of hero rarity: Common/Rare/oEpic/Legendary.

Skin rarity is determined by the rarity level of Sealed Eggs of Antmons. The rarer the Sealed Eggs of Antmons is, the better the hero looks like. There are 3 different levels of skin rarity: R Grade/SR Grade/SSR Grade.


BTS Labs Community: As a layman, how does MONLI token play a role in Antmonts? Can just holding the tokens give the holders a profit? and lastly, is Antmons free to play?

Michael(CEO): Yes, Antmons will provide free-to-play and even free-to-infinite modes for new users. And the following are the utilities of MONLI:

1. Transaction fee of the platform
2. Participating in airdrop campaign/sales campaign
3. Staking for token rewards or NFT prizes
4. Purchase in Antmons Games Marketplace
5. Joining DAO (membership) to vote on treasury & platform development, vote for kicking out dishonest game content, vote for desired gameplay developing, vote for fixing the unbalance of a certain game play
6. Certificate for participating every new Antmons gameplay at beta phase


BTS Labs Community: How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contract? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smart contract and hacking?

Michael(CEO): Security is something we attach great importance to. Our smart contract has also passed the audit. You can view our audit report here:

We are and will continue to conduct safety supervision throughout the life cycle of Antmons, and actively communicate with third-party technology partners to protect the interests of all our users from loss. Thank you!







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