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4 min readSep 28, 2023


Hello BTS Global Community,

As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, we are happy to present our BTS Global Monthly Outcome for September, showcasing some of our recent accomplishments and ongoing initiatives.

September was an incredibly busy and exciting month for all of us at BTS Global. We proudly hosted the BTS Labs Network Assembly Seoul, where our partners and distinguished guest speakers like Kelvin Koh from Spartan Group, Nathan Kim from UNOPND, Kinsa Durst from FACTBLOCK, Oh Thongsrinoon from ALTAVA Group, Jaemin Park from DeSpread, and Lawrence Xiao, Co-founder of BTS Labs, graced the event. They captivated our audience with groundbreaking discussions, spanning the Korean blockchain market to the future of the global Web3 landscape.

Continuing our global tour, we achieved yet another milestone by hosting the BTS Labs Network Assembly Singapore, a remarkable event co-hosted with Amber Group and in collaboration with our esteemed event partners including AWScloud, Shardeum, Layer N, ALTAVA Group, and Taiko. This gathering brought together leading Web3 innovators to delve into a wide spectrum of topics, from AI and VC to DeFi, Multichain, ZK-rollups, and CeDeFi.

Additionally, in our ongoing #BTSlabsISSUE series, we’ve released a fresh edition highlighting the importance of Marketing Analytics and Measurement. This edition dives into why businesses must harness the power of data and analytics to make informed decisions regarding their marketing strategies for long-term success. To explore the latest issue, visit the BTS Labs Medium blog.

It was an unforgettable month of learning and growth for us all at BTS Global. Now let’s recap some of the recent developments from our partners in September.

Partner Updates


● Coinbase and Aave have formed a Tokenized Assets Coalition (TAC) to bring traditional financial assets onto public blockchains.


● The sushi team has announced that Sushi is integrating chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to enable liquidity to flow effortlessly across various blockchains.

● Our friends at Sushi have announced that Sushi is expanding to Aptos Layer 1 blockchain. Making this integration Sushi’s first expansion onto a non-EVM chain.


● The Galxe team has introduced Galxe 2.0, a full upgrade for user experience in Web3. With new features including the Galxe mobile app, Smart, Web3 Score, Telegram and Discord bot v2, and Galxe ID updates, where GAL token will be incorporated and utilized with the new features in Galxe 2.0.


● SPACE ID announces partnership with LearnWeb3DAO on the Decentralized Intelligence Hackathon season 1 with up to $50k in prices.


● Our friends at CyberConnect have announced support for BNBChain’s Layer 2 network opBNB for CyberAccount, an ERC-4337 powered smart account.

● CyberConnect is now available on Arbitrum.


● The RSS3 team has announced that after months of research and development, RSS3 Network V2 is now under testing. Introducing a huge performance boost with ready-for-decentralization architecture implemented.

Ariva Digital

● Our friends at Ariva have announced the final test for Ariva.World hotel booking section is now in motion with special rates and flexible payment options.


● Genso team and partner networks have announced the GENSO Lucky Chance #2 campaign.

● Genso has begun offering the GENSO Development Kit that allows users to create a gaming experience within GensoKishi Online.


● Our friends at ALTAVA announce a new update for the ALTAVA Worlds of You 4.1.0 game with new features and a new website launch.

Lens Protocol

● Lens Protocol-based web3 social app Orb which allows users to chat and join communities raises $2.3 million in a pre-seed funding round.

● Lens Protocol announces partnership with Consensys Fellowship cohort program.


● StableBattle just concluded another round of a new mass PVP tournament with over 50 participants and a $400 reward pool.


● Our friends at O-mee have introduced the O-mee marketplace with a fixed fee of $3.49 on NFT sales.

● O-MEE token has officially been listed on the exchange.

Cross The Ages

● Cross The Ages is pleased to present the first phase of merging the CrossTheAges website with the CTA Portal. users will see this evolve over time so that eventually the link between Web 2 and Web 3 becomes seamless for users.


● The AlterVerse team has announced that Alterverse will be part of the Reef Chain $10m accelerator program cohort 1.


● Antmons team has officially announced the launch of the AMS token on exchange.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for exciting updates, as October holds the promise of a remarkable month ahead.

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Furthermore, we are in frequent contact with several projects in GameFi, DeFi, Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi, and top-tier VCs. We will announce more corporations and campaigns from time to time.

Please stay tuned for more of our events and activities.

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