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5 min readMar 31


Welcome to the BTS Global Monthly Outcome March update!

As we move into April, we are excited to announce some new initiatives and partnerships that will help us continue to support our community and partners in the blockchain ecosystem.

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the BTS Labs Network Assembly HK on April 12th with our co-hosts:, Conflux, and ForthTech. The event will explore the role Web3 plays in Hong Kong and the latest regulatory developments and more. We are excited to bring together VCs, the HK investment bureau, institutional traders, and our partners to discuss and explore the latest trends and developments in Web3. This will be our first global tour of 2023 and we are looking forward to it! Welcome to join us.

In addition to this announcement, We were thrilled to host an engaging Twitter space event in March with some of the industry’s leading experts from EOS Network, IKA Block, and the Beosin community. The discussion was centered around the theme “Hong Kong, the new wave of Web3: what misunderstandings do we have?” and provided valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the Hong Kong blockchain ecosystem. It was a great opportunity for our community to engage with industry experts and learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in this region.

Our dedication to supporting our community and partners remains unwavering. Providing them with the necessary resources and assistance to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem is our top priority. The prospects and challenges that 2023 presents excite us, and we are confident that with collaborative efforts, we can continue to drive sustainable growth for all participants in the industry. Join us as we dive into the latest updates and developments from our partners in March.

Partner Updates


● The Aave Governance community has created a temperature check proposal to seek community input on the possibility of deploying Aave V3 on BNB Chain to expand Aave’s presence and tap into BNB Chain’s growing DeFi ecosystem and user base.

● We are excited to announce that our friends at Aave will soon be launching the Aave V3 markets on the Metis Andromeda platform.


● The Chefs at Sushi have called on users of the Sushi platform to claim their $SUSHI token before the Merkle Tree Clawback is triggered. The deadline is April 23rd, 2023. Users are advised to head to to claim their $SUSHI tokens.

GensoKishi Online

● Gensokishi Online has launched a Creator’s Program to recognize and reward talented creators in the community.

● The team at GensoKishi Online is pleased to announce that “MV” and “ROND” token is scheduled to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Zaif starting in April 2023.


● The SPACE ID governance token SPACE ID has officially been launched to the public on Binance Launchpad.


● Galxe’s early adopter Maverick is launching on Mainnet with GAL-wstETH pair as one of the genesis pools on the Maverick Protocol.

● The Galxe team has announced Galxe Community Missions Season 2. Participants can complete weekly tasks revealed on Galxe’s Discord server to earn On-chain Achievement Tokens (OATs) and a chance to win rewards from a 5000 $GAL prize pool at the end of the season.


● Our friends at RSS3 are introducing the RSS3 AI Open Platform. RSS3 plans to build the first no-code training platform fully managed and containerized Web3 dataset with expected output to include OpenAI models to freely query, comprehend and predict information gathered on decentralized networks.


● ONBUFF is pleased to announce that the web 3.0 development of Samurai Shodown: The Legend of the Light Moon, the IP of SNK, will be developed in partnership with the SUI blockchain.

Ariva Digital

● Our friends at Ariva have launched The new ArivaWorld travel portal with a user-friendly web version accessible to everyone, offering a diverse selection of affordable flights worldwide.

● is now one of the platforms that accept crypto payment using Binance Pay, after being listed on the payment service’s merchants.

Cross The Ages

● The Cross The Ages Metaverse Games team has just announced the official release of their new mobile game.


● Sky City Metaverse has released an Early Access form for the community to the upcoming AlterVerse metaverse experience. The form link is available on the Alterverse social media account.


● The stable Knights team has launched a Mass PvP Tournament, players can compete for a chance to win a share of the 300 USDT prize pool. The tournament will be held on Sunday, April 2, from 16:00 to 17:00 UTC, with rewards going to the best and most active players.

● StableBattle is thrilled to share that they have been selected to join the Chromia Incubation Program 2023, and they’re excited to embark on this journey with the Chromia team.


● Our friends at Talaxeum have released an update on its testnet platform, reporting 5,245 users and 1,775 positive feedback received so far. In addition, the team will be giving away a total of 500 random NFTs to participants in their testnet platform.

EMG Coin

● The EMG team has launched the EMG SuperApp v1.0.9 with added features and is now available for download.

Astra Nova

● Astra Nova officially announces Astra Nova’s game development progress with a sneak peek of its stunning graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, revealing an expansive world.


● CyberConnect has launched its new FanClub Loyalty Program for the CyberConnect community, offering weekly raffles with the first week’s prizes including 200 Mystery Boxes (worth $50,000 — $100,000 in total) and 100,000 Mini Shards.

As March comes to a close, BTS Global and its partners look back on a successful month, made possible by the unwavering support of our community. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to our partners, and we are proud of the significant strides we have made toward achieving sustainable growth within the blockchain industry.

About BTS Global

BTS Global (including BTS Ventures, BTS Labs, and BTS Community DAO) helps projects and venture capital firms reach their goals and bring sustainable growth to communities with a variety of advisory services including financing, exchange listing, and PR & Marketing.

Furthermore, we are in frequent contact with several projects in GameFi, DeFi, Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi, and top-tier VCs. We will announce more corporations and campaigns from time to time.

Please stay tuned for more of our events and activities.

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