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5 min readJul 1, 2023

June has been another remarkable month filled with achievements and exciting initiatives for BTS Global!

We kicked off the month with the BTS Chinese Twitter Space — where we discussed the recent events from the SEC fillings regarding unregistered securities and the evolving landscape of the encryption compliance market. Our special guests include industry leaders such as John He, Co-founder of YBB Capital, Forgiven, Co-founder of Conflux, Jack Xiong from BlockBeats, Patavix from Beosin, and Juu from Hedgue Research & Post-Investment. This engaging discussion provided valuable perspectives on the new situation emerging in the market.

Another noteworthy event was the BTS NFPAnel #episode10, a captivating panel discussion that focused on the challenges of tokenizing RWAs (Real-World Assets) into DeFi. The panel featured industry experts including Piyush Gupta, CEO & Founder of Polytrade, Emmanuel Escobar Duro, Global Marketing and BD at ELYSIA, Jakob Kronbichler, Co-founder and CCO of Clearpool, and Stanton Wong, Education Director at Horizon Protocol. The discussions were enlightening, shedding light on the potential of tokenizing real-world assets into DeFi.

We are also thrilled to share that we have just published an insightful research article on LayerZero. A groundbreaking solution revolutionizing seamless cross-chain interoperability, paving the way for the future of blockchain technology. The article dives deep into the significance of LayerZero and its potential to reshape the blockchain landscape.

These events and articles demonstrate our commitment to exploring the forefront of blockchain innovation and sharing valuable knowledge with our community. Stay tuned for more as we explore the latest updates and exciting developments from our esteemed partners.

Partner Updates


● An exciting proposal from Aave Companies to launch GHO stablecoin on mainnet, sparking widespread support within the community.

● The GHO stablecoin, if approved, will introduce a borrowing cap of $100M, unlocking vast opportunities for users in the DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, the revenue generated from this innovative stablecoin will directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Aave protocol.


● Our friends at Sushi have introduced the Sushi DEX aggregation router that empowers Sushi users to access the best trade prices effortlessly.

● Sushi has successfully launched its v3 suite of products on Avalanche. This integration brings exciting features such as SushiXSwap for cross-chain swaps and a DEX aggregator that ensures the best quotes across all pairs.


● Biconomy and Tapbit have announced the integration of .bnb/.arb names with the SPACE ID Web3 Name SDK. This integration opens up new possibilities for seamless and user-friendly interactions within the Web3 ecosystem.


● Galxe and Aurora announce a new Aurora adventures campaign with a prize pool of $200K USD worth of $AURORA tokens and extend an invitation to delve ecosystem of dApps with Aurora on Galxe.

● Galxe has introduced a new feature called Recurring Campaigns. With this feature, projects can effortlessly set up recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


● The RSS3 team has announced that the RSS3 ChatGPT plugin has received official approval from OpenAI, making it the first Web3 User activity-oriented plugin enabling seamless access to over 380 million indexed items from the Open Web.

Genso Meta

● The Genso Meta team has announced the release of the GENSO Game Developer’s Kit as an initiative to build the GENSO metaverse world with UGC (User Generated Content). By using this GENSO Game Developer’s Kit, users will be able to create their own games and metaverse worlds.

Ariva Digital

● ArivaWonderland team has released the Mac version of ArivaWonderland. Mac users can now download and experience the immersive world of ArivaWonderland.


● The highly anticipated CYBER public sale on CoinList has concluded, adding over 9,500 unique new token holders from 112 countries to the CyberConnect community. The sale received an overwhelming response with over 525,000 unique registrations, making it one of the biggest community sales of the year.

● CyberConnect has surpassed a major milestone of 1 million total profiles created on our social network. This remarkable accomplishment reflects the growing popularity and engagement of the platform.​


● We are excited to share that we have made a strategic partnership with Agape Engine, a state-of-the-art engine that bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. This cutting-edge technology has already gained traction with renowned brands such as Querlo AI, Coca-Cola, Cadillac, and T-Mobile, who have leveraged Agape’s capabilities to enhance their offerings.

Lens Protocol

● Our partner at Lens Protocol has announced the launch of Lens Improvement Proposals (LIPs). Inspired by the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) and Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs), LIPs embrace a decentralized governance approach. This open and collaborative process will create an inclusive and transparent environment, allowing community members to actively contribute to the evolution of Lens Protocol.


● The Mass PvP Tournament, eagerly awaited by StableBattle knights, is scheduled for Sunday, July 2. Thanks to GameTradeMarket, the reward pool has been increased to $400, which will be shared among the top knights.

Cross The Ages

● CrossTheAges has published a new article providing insights into the end of Era #5, including details about the rewards, the introduction of the new Decay feature, and upcoming events.


● Talaxeum has opened the 2nd and 3rd stages of its Private Sale. Whitelisted participants now have the opportunity to purchase tokens with a minimum investment of $2500 for Private Sale Stage 2 and $1000 for Private Sale Stage 3. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to participate in the Talaxeum project.

EMG Coin

● The EMG Coin IDO has been scheduled to kick off in July.

● The EMG Coin team has announced a Zealy campaign with an Airdrop worth $50,000 EMG Coins, along with $50,000 USDT to The top 3000 participants.


● AlterVerse Launches First Conversational AI Non-Player Characters (NPCs) Powered by Convai.

● Alterverse SKY CITY Closed Beta Session 2 is now live.

As we bid farewell to June, we take immense pride in the achievements and strides made by BTS Global and our esteemed partners. Our dedication to delivering exceptional value and driving innovation in the blockchain space remains resolute. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and remarkable developments as we continue to shape the future together!

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