BTS Global Monthly Outcome-February

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3 min readMar 1, 2024

Hello BTS Global Community, as we come to the end of February, we are delighted to share our monthly report with our community. We are happy to see the progress made by BTS Global and our partners in significant areas of growth and development.

As we reflect on the outcomes of February, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to continued growth and collaboration in the months to come. Now, let’s explore the key highlights from our esteemed partners.

Partner Updates


● Aave DeFi money market protocol has officially launched on the BNB Chain and Scroll ecosystem.


● Our friends at Sushi are excited to announce the launch of Sushi live on ZetaChain. Users can now trade and provide liquidity on ZetaChain via Sushi V2 and V3 AMM.

● The Sushi team has announced that Sushi Bonds is now live. Sushi Bonds provides a sustainable liquidity solution by transforming bonds into protocol-owned liquidity (POL), offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional liquidity mining.


● Galxe has introduced a new Astronaut Ranking System which features three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold — each with a curated list of rewards to help make every stage of active participation in the Galxe community deserve recognition.


● SPACE ID has announced that the renewal fee for all .bnb and .arb 3/4 character domains has been slashed to $5 per year.

● The SPACE ID Web3 Name SDK now supports .sol names on Solana in integration with Bonfida.


● The CyberConnect team has announced that CyberWallet has reached a milestone of 1.2M+ smart accounts since the launch of CyberWallet in August 2023.

● As part of the continued efforts to bring CyberWallet to even more users, CyberWallet recently announced an integration with Mantle, a Layer 2 network on Ethereum.


● RSS3 has launched a new roadmap to Mainnet sharing the vision for the future of the Open Information Layer which consists of Alpha introducing RSS3 utilities, Beta with Celestia underneath, production for AI models, and more.


● ALTAVA has been officially approved to list TAVA token on GOPAX, a premier cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea.

● Our friends at ALTAVA will be conducting a monthly Zealy campaign which starts in February with a raffle ticket for prizes and airdrops worth $12k.


● ONBUFF has unveiled a new roadmap for 2024 detailing its vision, utilities, and goals for its community.


● Gensokishi collaborates with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the first time to implement Elemental Knights Online R and Metaverse collaboration.

● Gensokishi Online Announces Educational Collaboration with Laguna State Polytechnic University and Impact PH.

Ariva Digital

● Ariva users can use NOWPayments to simplify travel experience and use ARV token to make seamless payment processes.


● Web3Games announces official partnership with NEAR Protocol to be the first roll-up on NEAR Data availability, building the fully on-chain gaming ecosystem.

Lens Protocol

● The Lens community has started a new LIP-9 to discuss user verification standards and composability on Lens.


● The StableBattle team has recently raised $0.5M in a pre-seed round.

Cross The Ages

● CrossTheAges has released a new tokenomics with details about Minting in Pranah until the TGE and Snapshot for the freemint airdrop.

Astra Nova

● Astra Nova has officially launched their new website and the heart of the Astra Nova gaming ecosystem

About BTS Global

BTS Global (including BTS Ventures, BTS Labs) helps projects and venture capital firms reach their goals and bring sustainable growth to communities with a variety of advisory services including financing, advisory, and PR & Marketing in APAC.

Furthermore, we are in frequent contact with several projects in Infrastructure, GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi, and top-tier VCs. We will announce more corporations and campaigns from time to time.

Please stay tuned for more of our events and activities.

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