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4 min readApr 30, 2024

Greetings and welcome to the BTS Global Monthly Outcome for April.

April was a remarkable month for BTS Global, marked by significant events, achievements, growth, and learning opportunities. Our monthly outcome showcases the milestones and accomplishments of the past month, demonstrating our commitment to our community.

In April, BTS Global was actively engaged in a multiple events within the blockchain and Web3 space, including the Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 from April 6 to April 9, Blockchain Life 2024 on April 15–16, Dubai token2049 on April 18–19, and our participation as official partners at the Web3SummitDubai2024 from April 16 to 17. These events offered invaluable opportunities to connect with industry leaders and a broader community, showcase our expertise, and explore new pathways for collaboration and growth in the industry.

We’re excited to announce our participation in the upcoming Wiki Finance Expo, Hong Kong 2024 on May 17. This event will bring together industry leaders and innovators to exchange ideas on the latest developments in regulations, blockchain, forex, Web3, Gamefi, Metaverse, AI, and ESG, we’re excited to contribute to the forefront of innovation and industry trends, shaping the future of Web3 and beyond.

As we move forward, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries and driving impactful collaborations. We’re excited to see what the future holds and look forward to continuing our journey with our partners and community.

Partner Updates


● Our friends at Aave have integrated cross-chain GHO stablecoin, using chainlink’s CCIP live on testnet. users can seamlessly transfer GHO across various testnet networks including Base, Arbitrum, and Avalanche with plans to soon include Optimism and more. This expansion enhances GHO’s utility and accessibility.


● Galxe has unveiled the next step forward in user privacy, security, and sovereignty with the mainnet launch of Galxe Identity Protocol. A permissionless self-sovereign identity infrastructure that leverages advanced Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) to enhance security and user autonomy without compromising privacy.

● The Galxe team has announced new utilities and benefits for GAL Stakers, starting with Galxe Earn and an upgraded governance framework. GAL tokens stakers can secure exclusive voting rights on proposals via an upcoming governance upgrade, play a role in influencing the strategic direction of the Galxe platform, and potentially receive exclusive rewards via Galxe Earn.


● SPACE ID has announced a partnership with Cyber L2, a modular Layer 2 aimed at transforming social engagement and boosting on-chain mass adoption. This partnership aims at migrating CyberID to SPACE ID 3.0 Stack for enhanced interoperability, supporting Cyber L2’s scalable future with SPACE ID, and an epic ecosystem airdrop to Cyber stakers and SPACE ID Premier Club.


● Our friends at Sushi have announced that automatic tax token support is now available on Sushi, simplifying transactions involving tax tokens.

● Sushi has integrated Onramper on Sushi for users to buy tokens with cash, credit card, Apple pay, Google pay, and other options directly on the platform.


● The RSS3 welcomes Openbox to the RSS3 ecosystem. The first dedicated physical device for running RSS3 nodes. A PoS + PoW model as RSS3 moves from Alpha to Beta and production mainnet.


● CyberConnect has announced Cyber Restaking, a feature powered by EigenLayer and liquid restaking protocols. This feature enables users to participate in ETH restaking via the dual-stake model on Cyber L2, an Ethereum Layer 2 for social and mass adoption.


● ALTAVA has partnered with Vivienne Tam to push boundaries within digital fashion and beyond and have developed an immersive CGI video that served as a backdrop for Vivienne Tam’s latest collection at Palais de Tokyo, during Paris Fashion Week.


● The ONBUFF team has officially announced that ONBUFF will migrate its public mainnet from Ethereum to Sui Blockchain and rebrand as LumiWave to improve the performance and competitiveness of its upcoming games and dapps.


● GENSO has announced a collaboration with BitoPro, Taiwan-based exchange.


● The W3Gamez team has launched the beta release of Guardians of Arcanum on the W3Gamez network for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Astra Nova

● Astra Nova has successfully raised over $1 million in seed and private rounds from top backers and VCs including BTS Labs, Oxbull, The Hashgraph and more.

● Astra Nova has received a cloud grant from Google Cloud Web3 for enhanced computation and capacity.

GameOn Forge

● GameOn Forge has officially announced a new Galxe campaign with rewards for the community.

● The whitelist presale event for the Keepers of the Forge NFT collection has been announced by the Game On Forge team.


● StableBattle has closed the phase 1 airdrop for 2000 NFT Loot Boxes, receiving over 108k applications from retro activities and newcomers.

Cross The Ages

● Cross The Ages has announced the second CTA with the Watch Dogs series from the Ubisoft franchise with 8 new characters as well as the opportunity to reveal the first cards under the Rift banner.


● Metarun has announced a strategic partnership with the Circle of Games platform to reach more gaming audiences around the world.

About BTS Global

BTS Global (including BTS Ventures, BTS Labs) helps projects and venture capital firms reach their goals and bring sustainable growth to communities with a variety of advisory services including financing, advisory, and PR & Marketing in APAC.

Furthermore, we are in frequent contact with several projects in Infrastructure, GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi, and top-tier VCs. We will announce more corporations and campaigns from time to time.

Please stay tuned for more of our events and activities.

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