BTS Community DAO is Launching


It is worth noting that the community is the most valuable asset for any decentralized network, and we always believe the global crypto enthusiast will be able to power a better, more responsible economy, but we can’t do it alone. Hence, we are dedicated to changing our community into a DAO, with members who share the same values and vision of BTS Global (BTS Labs & BTS Ventures) and are willing to help moderate the community by answering questions, creating useful content, bringing more clients, and introducing BTS Global to the world and creating value with us!

Our Value

(1) Connection

  • Direct engagement with our team that can provide you with support and answers
  • Have access to an exclusive DAO member only group

(2) Rewards

  • Airdropping, community fund distribution with various tokens depends on one’s contribution

(3) Cooperation

  • Recommended job opportunity and business collaboration
  • Sharing platforms resources in marketing and investment insights

What is the BTS Community DAO mapping?

BTS Community DAO

Team Structure

(1) Contributor

  • Talented community business developers/ambassadors who share their expertise and shine. (In the future, financial analysts, designers, and content creators will be added.)

(2) Chancellor

  • Organiser, partnering with projects to get the greatest possible outcomes for our community, coordinating fellows and ensuring that all community operations function effectively.

(3) Fellows

  • Maintaining all documentation, managing groups, releasing final reports, and making decisions on the majority of our community’s production.

(4) Innovator & Pioneer

  • Our community’s first and second batches of Guardians (moderators), chosen by community enthusiasts based on their performance and knowledge, carry our community to the next level.

(5) Enthusiast

  • Majority in our community! We are ecstatic to have you join us as a crypto enthusiast who will contribute to the growth of our community and vote for your favorite project.

Revenue Structure

(1) Contributor

  • To ensure quality for our community enthusiast, a third of the incentive will be provided to our chosen contributor once they have introduced business partners to BTS Community DAO and signed the agreement, and the remaining two-thirds will be provided after the event/project, for a total of 15%.
  • We won’t limit our community enthusiast skills to a select few, therefore all talented enthusiasts are invited to join and contribute to our community. We are searching for talented business developers/ambassadors to help our brand get recognition at this early stage. Financial analysts, designers, and content creators will have additional opportunities to contribute in the future!

(2) Faculty

  • With all the documentation and business negotiations, the Chancellor and Fellows will share 15% of every earning from BTS Community DAO.

(3) Guardian

  • To support our community, we need innovators and pioneers. Our community members will choose and vote on each role based on their performance and contribution, and they will split a total of 10% of the earnings from each event/project/task they allocated and participated in.

(4) Enthusiast

  • Participate in BTS events to get the most out of your knowledge, trends, and network, and to win prizes worth up to 30% with our events, projects, and quizzes!

(5) Reserves

  • BTS Community DAO will deduct 30% of total earnings from each event and project and place it in reserves first. The whole reserves will be dispersed proportionally among the projects and then returned to our reserves in order to save for a bigger prize for our community.
  • BTS Community DAO’s reserves will be used in various projects and investments, and voting will be conducted on how they will be used.

Connection with BTS Global

  • BTS Global will fully support BTS Community DAO
  • Revenue from BTS Global is not bonded with BTS Community DAO
  • Faculty or Guardian will be able to join BTS Global

Voting Mechanism

  • All DAO members have the right to vote, each enthusiast will have one vote, guardians will have one and a half votes, and faculty will have two votes in order to spend our reserves on your favorite initiatives.
  • Voting for one project means you will be a part of it and will be eligible for an airdrop from BTS Community DAO; the form will close 24 hours before the event/project.
  • Choose your vote wisely, as it will have a significant impact on our community as well as on you!

Who is eligible to be in BTS Community DAO

  • Passionate, creative, and enthusiastic with experience in the crypto market and the blockchain space
  • A social butterfly, product guru, language expert, or enjoy connecting with others in virtual space
  • Having great interest and have followed BTS Labs for a while
  • An established community leader or social media influencer. Experienced in DAO governance

We are now inviting interested members from all over the world to join the BTS Community DAO:

We are looking forward to receiving your application. Fill in this application form:

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