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4 min readAug 18, 2021

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Accelerator Program

The first round of the MVB Accelerator Program was launched in February 2021 to boost BSC ecosystem development. The program’s main aim was to help BSC-based startups create new and exciting innovations, gain industry exposure, receive funding, and accelerate community and business growth.

Key highlights from the first MVB round:

· Over 650+ applicants from around the world in multiple categories (DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Infrastructure, Options, Lending, and more)

· A total of more than 100,000 active new addresses with 50B+TVL among all shortlisted project

· Two finalist projects, AutoFarm and, were listed on!

· The third finalist, Pancake Bunny, received a $1.6M seed round investment from Binance Labs!

The first round of the MVB program resulted in significant growth of the BSC Ecosystem.

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II: The Big Bang of NFTs

The MVB program round II: The Big Bang of NFTs, was focused on innovative NFT + DeFi development, high-performance infrastructures, like Data Indexing, and handling of significant user and transaction volumes on Binance Smart Chain. The second round of the MVB Program started on May 1, 2021, and ended on July 22, 2021. As in the previous round, BSC welcomed all NFT + DeFi developers and starting projects to apply and join the BSC ecosystem.

Key highlights from the MVB II: The Big Bang of NFTs

· Over 500 applicants/projects around the globe in multiple categories (NFT, GameFi, DeFi, Infrastructure, Tooling, Security, and more)

· The shortlisted projects achieved a total of more than 500K active addresses with 16 billion USD transacted volume during MVBII.

· At the time of publishing, the top 20 projects account for >50% of all daily transacted volume.

· The BSC network achieved a new all-time high in weekly active users and daily transactions (twice). The BSC network currently processes 800% more transactions than Ethereum.


Phase 1 (May-June, 2021)

BSC will shortlist the top 20 eligible startups qualified for further consideration and announce them in the monthly BUIDL Reward program update.

Phase 2 (July 2021)

BSC will further reduce the shortlist from the top 20 to the top 10 projects and announce them in the MVB Program after July 22, 2021. These 10 projects will receive significant benefits to boost their development and growth.

MVB II The Big Bang of NFTs: The Top 20

CryptoBlades, GMR Finance, My DeFi Pet, BunnyPark, Mobox, Yooshi, X World Games, AirNFTs, StreamingFast, Refinable, Faraland, Alpaca Finance, BiSwap, ApeSwap Finance, Wault Finance, dFuture, Hot Cross, Rabbit Finance, Nerve and Nominex.

These 20 projects were carefully selected based on different metrics, but primarily: Product innovation, Security, Community & users and Transaction volume.

MVB II The Big Bang of NFTs: The Top 10

Alpaca Finance, ApeSwap Finance, BiSwap, BunnyPark, Crypto Blades, Faraland, Mobox, My DeFi Pet, StreamingFast, X World Games.

During the MVB II, BTS Labs supported and reached a partnership with Alpaca Finance, CryptoBlades, GMR Finance, Wault Finance and Hot cross.

BTS Labs selected 11 of the top 20 projects for comparative analysis.

And we had a live discussion on Youtube with Hot cross, CryptoBlades and GMR Finance.

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) III: Beyond the Big Bang

Like in the previous rounds, in MVB III, we will go through multiple phases where BSC will shortlist participating projects based on their performance and other criteria, such as security, community strength, etc. To push for even more significant innovation, the participating projects will compete in a new MVB Monthly Star concept, where they’ll pick only the best-performing projects every month (August, September, October).

In MVB III: Beyond the Big Bang, the focus is on these areas:

1. High-performance infrastructures

2. NFT and GamingFi

3. Advanced DeFi legos

MVB III provides the best performing projects with a pool of benefits:

· BSC Direct $10,000 Grants support (“MVB Top Player” Only)

· Potential for direct investment and listing opportunity from

· Full audit compensation up to $10,000 (“MVB Top Player” only)

· Security support from top auditing and security institutions

· Systematic technical support for building innovative products

· Industrial exposure to get the right contacts and expertise of the space

· Ability to secure funds for development and project incubation

· Increase community influence and expand globally


· Announcement of MVB III — August 12, 2021

· Monthly Stars (August) — September 9, 2021

· Monthly Stars (September) — Oct 14, 2021

· Monthly Stars (October) — November 11, 2021

· MVB Top Players — November 25, 2021

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