Binance $1 Billion BSC Growth Fund-$500M,$100M Program Sections

Following the launch of the $1 Billion BSC(Binance Smart Chain) Growth Fund announced by Binance in October 2021, this program has attracted more projects and users to the BSC ecosystem with projects like NFTb, BakerySwap, AnySwap, Paid Network, Juggernaut, and Gala Games seeing a massive increase in their market cap by upwards of 500%, and some projects like Biconomy and MCDEX receiving direct investments to help grow their platform.

The general structure of the BSC growth fund is divided into 4 categories,

  • $500 Million Investment Program
  • $300 Million Builder & Incubation Program
  • $100 Million Talent Development
  • $100 Million Liquidity Incentive Program

Subsequently, BSC has announced a structure for the $100 Million Liquidity Incentive Program and the $500 Million Investment Program.

$100 Million Liquidity Incentive

To encourage more innovation and further adoption, BSC is launching a new Liquidity Incentive Program that will help projects achieve sustainable liquidity and user growth.

The program is initially split into 3 categories:

  • DeFi Protocols
  • Professional DeFi Market Makers & LPs
  • Gaming & NFTs

Incentive Program for DeFi Protocols

All DeFi protocols deployed on BSC are welcome to apply. Projects will be selected and prioritized based on current TVL, daily and weekly active users, transaction volume, community size, and growth, among other criteria. DeFi protocols are asked to submit business plans which include liquidity and user growth strategies and plans and proposals for the use of liquidity incentive funds. It is encouraged for projects to develop ideas and plans for sustainable mid to long-term growth, rather than short-term incentives.

How to Participate?

BSC DeFi Protocol teams can apply for the liquidity incentive here. Click to apply.

Incentive Program for DeFi Market Makers & LPs

This incentive program is aim to support professional market makers,liquidity providers and frequent and large volume traders (e.g., >500M$ trading volumes per month at least) in the BSC DeFi ecosystem to increase their activities and liquidity in the BSC DeFi ecosystem.

How to Participate?

Professional institutions can register interest here. Click to apply.

Incentive Program for Gaming & NFTs

BSC currently has the largest and rapidly growing GameFi and NFT ecosystem, with more than 100 blockchain game projects already deployed in the ecosystem. BSC aims to support the GameFi and NFT ecosystem through several initiatives, for which more information about those specific initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks. The first initiative from the $1b accelerator fund is aimed at accelerating user growth for GameFi projects by subsidizing the gas fees paid by GameFi projects.

How to Participate?

GameFi and NFT projects can apply here. Click to apply.

$500M Investment Program

The goal of this investment program is to accelerate mainstream adoption and bring disruption and innovation to legacy financial infrastructures and traditional industry sectors through co-investment collaborations with industry leaders across different fields.

Direct Investments

BSC aims to continue to meet directly with entrepreneurs and builders who are participating in the ecosystem from building new DeFi protocols to the next big GameFi/SocialFi, and cross-chain platforms. With investments of up to $1M for each project in return for equity and/or tokens.

Sectors of focus:

  • Decentralized Computing & Web3 Infrastructure
  • Web & Dev Tools
  • Advanced DeFi
  • SocialFi
  • Physical Assets

How to Participate?

If you are building on BSC, please apply directly for funding through our form. Click here to apply.

Industry Co-Investment Collaborations

Under the $1B Growth Fund, BSC will supercharge individual projects, industry leaders, and institutions that have a track record of setting the pace of their respective industries.

BSC aims to set up co-investment venue with industry leaders, especially traditional Web2 institutions interested in exploring Web3. With an interest in scaling blockchain technology for real-life use cases and bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and blockchain and the current giant mass-market sectors.

Sectors of focus:

  • Decentralized Computing
  • Gaming/GameFi
  • Advanced DeFi
  • SocialFi
  • Physical Assets

How to Participate?

If you are a market-leading institution and want to explore investment collaborations, please apply via our form. Click here to open the contact form.

All projects that fit into the descriptions above are highly encouraged by BSC to apply and accelerate the adoption of crypto assets and Blockchain to the Next 1 Billion Crypto Users.

BTS Labs will fully support & participate in Binance $1 Billion BSC Growth Fund Program. therefore, We are going to launch our “Incubation Program” and “Empowerment Program” to support the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, We are Looking forward to more high-quality projects that can grow together with us.

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