Astra Nova — Web3’s First True MetaRPG Co-created with Gamers, for Gamers

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BTS Labs held an AMA with Astra Nova on November 16th. The theme of this AMA is “Astra Nova — Web3’s First True MetaRPG Co-created with Gamers, for Gamers”. The guest we had were Faizy Ahmed, the Co-founder of Astra Nova. He introduced that Astra Nova is a MetaRPG intent on creating a playground of infinite possibility for its players, coupled with an expansive story and world for them to explore, inhabit and — crucially — change.


BTS Labs: Introduction about Astra Nova.

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): Astra Nova is a MetaRPG intent on creating a playground of infinite possibility for its players, coupled with an expansive story and world for them to explore, inhabit and — crucially — change.


BTS Labs: What makes Astra Nova different from other P2E games in the market?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): Astra Nova puts the game first. Its development team is building a glorious world that players can enjoy irrespective of financial imperatives.

Our game economy is designed to be independent of token prices and market fluctuations. Our web3 features are focused on providing a true ownership experience, instead of traditional P2Es. Players can enjoy playing this game without having to purchase any tokens or NFTs.

Developed on UE5, with an incredible team who has been part of the development so many amazing games like GTA5, Mortal Kombat, Witcher 3 — we believe our game will be one of a kind in the web3 space.


BTS Labs: Roadmap & plans for a sustainable game economy?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): Our high level roadmap can be found on our website. We are working on a more detailed 3 month roadmap right now.
Our game economy consists of a unique revenue system where players participate to earn rewards, achievements and custom collectibles. We worked with economy experts from traditional gaming studios like Amazon Games to design and customize this. We will be releasing more details of the same shortly.


BTS Labs: What are the Deviants? How will it work if the Deviant NFTs are on ETH & Astra Nova MetaRPG game on Hedera?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): The Deviants, 10,000 in supply are in-game 3D upgradeable characters, are the key to unlocking the mysteries of Astra Nova’s game world. These characters are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) living on the Ethereum network, each being completely unique.

The Deviants come in 15 different races, with every Deviant having its own story. These stories will unfold through multi-channel lore that will grow as Astra Nova evolves. In addition to the stories in the game, the lore will be available through Discord, Twitter, Medium, and other channels.

Astra Nova is set to Hedera as one of the first major games on the network, we understand how talks of Ethereum for The Deviants NFT collection could drum up confusion.

Deviants will Evolve and so will their network & the way you’re rewarded. Deviants have always been known to stir up chaos and their ability to evolve over time is a huge part of that & the entire Universe of Astra Nova. This evolution takes your Deviant to an Astra Nova game-ready character as they make the move from Ethereum to Hedera. But, they don’t just evolve, they make an entirely new version of themselves while maintaining the old presence, by leveraging powerful crystals left behind by the Weavers.

So Here’s How it Will Work.

Your original Deviant mint will inhabit the Ethereum Network & be equipped with all the core utilities we’ve announced until now & more. Post-mint, every deviant holder will be eligible to free mint a crystal, which will facilitate this evolution to the Hedera chain.

Evolved Deviants are entirely separate NFTs that will be on the Hedera Network & be fully-equipped with gameplay-related utilities and a refreshing new look.

That means 2 variants of the Deviant collection.

1 OG Deviant on Ethereum Network & 1 evolved game-ready Deviant with a new look & utilities on the Hedera Network.


BTS Labs: What are the utilities of the Deviant NFTs?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): The utilities of the Deviants are as follows:

1.Early beta testers of the Astra Nova game release.

2. Deviants lore connects to the Astra Nova main game lore.

3. Premium gameplay experience with exclusive access to tailor-made storylines, special missions and other custom perks within Astra Nova game.

4. Special Whitelist spot for minting Astra Nova’s future NFT launches which includes the Orion’s Realm Land Series and Sentinel Series.

5. Deviants can be staked for limited custom NFT upgrades, are upgradable and could ‘Evolve’.

6. Exclusive access to Deviants Webcomics. Deviant Holders get free access to graphic novel releases for a period of time.

7. Chance to win your very own 3D printed deviant character models, & get clothes the Deviant is wearing IRL.

8. Deviants can be used as avatars or AR filters linked with popular video calling applications like Teams, Google Meet, Zoom etc.

9. In-game avenues of monetization for holders via P2P marketplace.

10. Access to Deviants minigame which would be released prior to the main game launch.

11. Premiere access to community events, competitions and raffle draws.

12. Rent out Deviants for passive income.

The Deviants are planned to be launched towards the end of January and the mint price is yet to be announced.


BTS Labs: What’s the importance of AL (Allowlist)? What’s the mint date, price, how to get on the AL of the Deviants NFT?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): As the genesis Astra Nova NFT, the Deviants will secure a special Allowlist (aka Whitelist) spot for future Astra Nova NFT drops. These include the Orion’s Realm Land and Sentinel collections, which have tremendous importance within Astra Nova. Other AL perks include — eligibility to win the guaranteed reimbursement of RVV (the in-game token) if users mint three deviants, 3 different races each minted from all the phases (a set). Holders will also receive a 3D-printed Deviant figure of one of the three Deviants they have minted exclusive only for AL users.

Astra Nova’s Deviant NFT minting is just around the corner, and joining the Allowlist will grant users who are first-to-act benefits.

Users need to be qualified through community competitions and quests to become eligible holders of these Passkeys which will be announced via social media platforms.

It is worth noting that 4,500 of the 10,000 Deviants will be available on the allowlist for minting across three phases, while the remaining will go on a public sale. Moreover, five different races will be open to mint in each phase, each lasting 48 hours. Each user on the list can mint 2 Deviants per phase.

These are the three set of Allowlists (AL);

1. Diamond Allowlist (500 Passkeys) — FREE MINT PASS for the community who complete the given set of quests and tasks.

The opportunity to mint up to 2 Deviants in each phase during the 3 phases. Diamond Passkey allows 1 free mintable Deviant NFT during any of the 3 phases.

2. Gold Allowlist (1500 Passkeys) — The opportunity to mint up to 2 Deviants in each phase during the 3 phases. Gold Passkey allows minting 1 NFT at discounted prices, more discount than that of silver passkey.

3. Silver Allowlist (2500 Passkeys) — The opportunity to mint up to 2 Deviants in each phase during the 3 phases. Silver Passkey allows minting 1 NFT at discounted prices compared to public sale.

Those who miss the free mint pass still have the opportunity to join other Allowlist. An effective way to acquire a spot is by participating in various community contests. The Astra Nova team will also encourage live-action role-playing (LARP) activities in the community and make fan art an extension of the overall project. If you’re too busy to attend one of these parties, don’t worry, Astra Nova wants to create an inclusive community. Some events require a simple registration to get allowlist access.

Free Questions


BTS Labs Community: How does Astra Nova become web3' first true Metarpg Astra Nova?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): According to us, a metaRPG should consist of:

1. Action RPG style combat missions

2. Narrative experience of open world MMORPGs

3. Web3 integration that rewards gamers for being part of the community.

For this, we have multiple partnered studios, in-house team and a sustainable economic model which allows users to earn while they play but by giving more emphasis to the gaming aspect. We would be technologically more advanced in terms of graphics, interoperability, low gas fee chain, experienced team, and collections of NFTs (VFX enabled, Smart NFTs) with the potential to be Blue Chips of the future.


BTS Labs Community: For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it is developement? Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): We won multiple grants including a major one from Hedera Hashgraph, our DLT chain partner.
We bootstrapped this project for about 2 years and our demo is nearly ready. We have a few more milestones to complete before we go into fundraising for our seed and private rounds. We believe we have the funds required to get to these stages and launch our Deviant NFT collection successfully.

As far as our economy is concerned, as discussed earlier, we have a very sustainable game economy designed in consultation with experts from the gaming industry. Our main economist, Phillip Black, is the Game Economist for Amazon Games and other their associated studios. We worked with him and others to design a game economy, that is more or less, independent of crypto market fluctuations — and modelled after traditional free-to-play games.


BTS Labs Community: Hey, as you know Bitcoin keep falling, and we are in a very bad situation currently, so Can this bad market will effect of your roadmap or your project?? And lastly how you will keep developing and bringing investors or Players on Astra Nova platform in this situation?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): We are aware of the current slump in the market. We did make adjustments for the same. Me and my partner, we both have been part of several startup ventures over the years so we know how this goes. And this is our crown jewel. Our entire team is determined to see this through, regardless of market conditions.
We also know that provided we deliver a good product, there will be interest in the industry to invest. We have been in talks with several VCs over the past couple of months, along with some good advisors from Hedera and Binance. Our aim is to ensure that we keep developing our project the same way, and deliver each aspect of our roadmap as decided. We might have to speed things up or slow down depending on emerging trends and funding situations but we are confident that we can deliver our goal of launching a true metaRPG on the web3 space.


BTS Labs Community: What will be the relationship between Revive Token $RVV and Governance Token $GTKN? Will there be an opportunity to transform into each other?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): For now, those 2 tokens are independent. $RVV will be the listed token. All transactions inside the game and Astra Nova eco-system shall be conducted with $RVV.

$GTKN will be a voting or DAO token. This token cannot be bought, only earned through completing missions, This ensures that voting rights shall belong to the community members who spend most time and effort on the platform.

Our aim is to grow Astra Nova community to a size that is mature enough to form a successful DAO, that can then take over and manage the future of Astra Nova eco-system. We are still a long way off from this goal, but that is the main idea. At that time, if the community decides to link $RVV and $GTKN, its going to be up to them.


BTS Labs Community: Who are the teams you want to collaborate with in the future?

Faizy Ahmed(Co-founder): We would like to collaborate with visionary games and NFTs in the space, perhaps work on some story cohesion together to provide interoperability of assets. If you have a project that’s working on something amazing, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks guys for joining me here and stay tuned for more updates from Astra Nova & the Deviants!
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